Schools open to early

As more in-depth studies have come out pointing towards students needing more sleep, schools have begun to push back their opening time into later hours of the morning. Students have long complained about having to wake up too early for school. In a recent study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it is stated that students need to “regularly sleep 8 to 10 hours per day for good health.” According to the study, side effects from not getting enough sleep range from a poor performance in school to depression. These studies have set up a lot of evidence in favor of having school start later to give students more sleep, however, there are more parties involved in this change.

Senior Privileges

Due to the lack of rule following, senior dean Mr. Dagenais, along with the the faculty at Boys’ Latin, decided to take away the privileges of the seniors in early March. Senior privileges include off-campus lunch, and coming into and leaving school early when an individual has a free period at the beginning or end of the day. Every year at Boys’ latin, seniors are granted privileges which can be given and taken by the administration based on the seniors behavior.

Senior Lifers on What’s to Come

What is a lifer? In Boys’ Latin terms, a lifer is anyone who’s been at BL since first grade or lower and has continued through high school. For some of us, change has been a distant stranger. For the past twelve or thirteen years, we have woken up and come to the same school with the same day to day routine. Now college is peeking right around the corner and we lifers will have to embrace the certain change that is about to enter our  lives.


As April begins, the Boys’ Latin varsity lacrosse team is ready to dive into MIAA A Conference games. After a tough loss in last year’s Championship game, the Lakers are hungry for another shot at the title. So far, the Lakers have had a respectable 4-3 record out of conference which has included games against nationally ranked programs from Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana and Connecticut.