Preview to the 2015 March Madness Tournament

Selection Sunday is approaching quickly in college basketball. Selection Sunday is March 15, 2015, and teams are running out of time to make their bids as to why they should be in the tournament and not the NIT. This past week, teams have been making their presence felt by punching their tickets to the NCAA tournament with conference wins.

This past week, Wofford defeated Furman in the Southern Conference to automatically clinch their tournament bid. Also, Belmont defeated Murray State (ranked 25) in the Ohio Valley conference to clinch their bid as well. Other notable teams to seal automatic bids are: North Florida from the Atlantic Sun conference, Coastal Carolina from the Big South, Northeastern from the Colonial Athletic, Manhattan from the Metro Atlantic Athletic conference, and Northern Iowa from the Missouri Valley conference (according to

Lafayette College of the Patriot League clinched a tournament berth with a win of their conference on March 11, 2015.

Some other college basketball teams that are definitely heading to the tournament without winning their conference championships are Kentucky, Duke, and Maryland, just to name a few. At this point in the season, it should be a question mark as which team will be the favorite. This year is a different year and there is a clear favorite to win the championship.

Kentucky is the clear front-runner to win the title that will be held on April 6, 2015, in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis ( Kentucky has 10 very good players that can strongly impact the outcome of their games. They have 2 strong line-ups that they switch between throughout each game.

Senior Willie Cauley-Stein is the center for the Kentucky Wildcats that will put the team on his back and carry them all the way to the tournament championship.

A hometown favorite team that many people would like to see go far in the tournament are the Maryland Terrapins. Maryland has a strong starting 5 led by freshman Melo Trimble, playing point guard, and senior Dez Wells at small forward. Both players have made very strong cases as to why they should be Big 10 player of the year.

Melo Trimble is looking to claim his title for freshman of the year in the Big 10.  He is battling fellow freshman D’angelo Russell from Ohio State who also had a huge year for the Buckeyes (according to Trimble hopes to lead his team to a 3 seed.

As Selection Sunday vastly approaches, teams are scurrying to put together a quality RPI, short for Rating Percentage Index, which is used to pick teams into the tournament based on quality wins and losses, and the strength of the schedule the team played, that can get them picked into the tournament and not the consolation tournament. The consolation tournament is a “slap-in-the-face” for many teams because it shows that the team didn’t have a very good season, and that they are in a rebuilding year.




BL Lunches: Good or Bad?

Throughout the 2014-2015 school year, the topic of upper school lunches has been one that has been discussed often and continuously within the upper school. From students to teachers, the opinion is ever changing and varying. People often ask if the lunches are healthy enough, if there is enough variety, and if they are too expensive, making the subject recur weekly and even daily.

In a school filled with a lot of athletes, about 90%-95%, the topic of lunches is always one that sparks interest among students. When asked about his thoughts on the BL lunches, senior and varsity lacrosse player Charley Hughes stated, “I think the lunches are decent; they are a little expensive but they are definitely better than the ones from last year.” The topic on lunches also travels amongst teachers and constitutes varying opinions.

According to Andrew Robinson, college counselor and jv lacrosse coach, “My thoughts are that currently there is not a whole lot of variety in what we have to choose from on a day to day basis. I think also the freshness factor can be perhaps criticized, and I think sometimes the lunch can be a little perhaps overpriced.” The lacking areas of the lunches provide for criticism, but others think just the opposite.

When interviewing Jerry of Cristi Barry Cuisine, he stated, “I think that considering the facilities that we have to work with, I think they are probably as good if not the best that they could possibly be.”

He also spoke on the question of how healthy the lunches are and he stated, “Again, I think the variety is there. Anybody can get the type of food they are looking for. We have salads, sandwiches, fruit, and hot food.”

The question is, though, if the lunches provided are beneficial to a school that is extremely active all the way down from the teachers to the administration.

Mr. Robinson, when asked this question stated, “I think the quality of the food can impact anyone in their performance in any capacity, whether it’s athletics, academics, the faculty doing our jobs, eating unhealthy food is going to have detrimental effects on anybody whether it’s an athlete or not. So do I think the food is good for student athletes? It’s probably less than average for them, but again it’s probably not the best for the rest of us, either.”

Now while the current lunches at the BL Upper School are not as highly appreciated, the new student center across the street is looking to bring a new flavor and taste to the entire school as a whole. When asking history teacher and avid eater of lunch, Mac McDonald about the new complex, he stated, “Well I am excited for the new complex. I am even more excited to have a new food service provider that will hopefully provide a wider breadth of options for those of us who will be eating there.”

Even the athletic department is excited to see the finished product and what the complex has to offer. Coach Chris Kury stated, “I think the new student center/cafeteria is going to be fantastic. Based upon some of the information we have gotten from the new food service that is coming in, it should be able to provide a little bit more diversity in terms of food. Because they have more space, they can have a salad bar, they can probably do a pasta or sandwich station, but they are going to have a better facility in which to prepare meals for the kids.

When asked about what kind of lunches does he think will be brought to the new complex, Mr. McDonald also said, “I’m not really sure. I hope that they bring breakfast for lunch because you know I’m a big fan of breakfast.”

Charley Hughes also stated, “I am really excited for the new student center being built across the street and I am hopeful that they will bring more food options to the school with lunches that are a little less expensive.”

Greene Turtle in Hunt Valley Makes Mouths Water

The Greene Turtle, located in Hunt Valley, is a gem amongst the surrounding restaurants. It stands atop Hunt Valley’s massive town centre with the prestigious turtle shining bright, drawing everyone in.

As you walk in, you will see prime outdoor seating, fit with four flat screen televisions displaying all of the day’s sporting events. When there is a huge local game (i.e. Ravens or Orioles), the outside is packed with people trying to see the next play.

Once inside, there are two quarter-fed games for the children as you wait to be seated. The wait is minimal and is usually always under 15 minutes on the normal days but can get very long on a huge game day.

The restaurant is fairly large and has a bar, a game room, a projector, and many tables for different sized groups of people. In fact, each booth has its own mini television installed within the wood. This is very convenient for those who want to choose what they watch andor have small children with them.

“The food is good,” said fellow junior Michael Chasney.

Most would agree with Michael as the food always comes out hot and looking good. Most students I asked said that they prefered the PB and J burger, an adaptation of the original peanut butter and jelly except there is a big wad of beef in between.

“The crab dip is to die for,” said junior David Modell as he offered many suggestions for what to get. “You can try their buffalo chicken sandwich too; it makes me tingle on the inside.”

Whenever juniors Jeremy Greenberg and Charlie Ikle’ go to the Greene Turtle, it is essesntial that they get the crab pretzel and the boneless wings. “We love it there. The atmosphere and food makes us want to stay forever.”

While there are many decsions to be made about the drinks, Charlie Ikle’ prefers water while Jeremy Greenberg loves his diet coke.

The only thing wrong with the Greene Turtle is the inconsistency of the service. The wait for your food after the order can be exteremly short or extremely long depending on the amount of people getting food at the time.

At the GT, you get a bang for your buck, with most meals being under $10.

So if you’re looking for a good time but do not want to blow your bank on one meal, go to the Greene Turtle Hunt Valley and experience good moods and good times.

Review of “Wedding Ringer” Starring Kevin Hart

The movie “Wedding Ringer” is a comedy that stars Kevin Hart and is directed by Jeremy Garelick. Garelick also directed “The Break-Up.”

Kevin Hart has played in several movies. To name a few, he acted in “Ride Along,” “About Last Night,” and “Laugh at My Pain.” “Laugh at My Pain” is his stand up comedy show that is his best known piece of work.

In most of the movies Kevin Hart does, he is the one that stands out the most, mainly because he is a lot funnier than everybody else, in my opinion.

Doug Harris is played by Josh Gad, and he is the main character in the movie. Doug is a very nice, socially awkward guy, who is about to get married.

Doug is marrying the girl of his dreams named Gretchen Palmer. Doug’s soon to be wife Gretchen is played by Kaley Cuoco. She plays a very important role in the movie; she is the love interest of Dog, but unfortunately, she isn’t the woman for him.

I think she could have played her part a little better. I feel that she could have been funnier and nicer. She is a good actor, but I don’t think she fit the role of Gretchen Palmer.

Doug has one problem when he comes to getting married; he doesn’t have any friends and no one to be his best man.  He tries and tries to find someone to be his best man, but he cannot find anyone who is willing.

Doug then finds out about a man by the name of Jimmy Callahan, who is played by Kevin Hart. He is the owner of a company called Best Man, Inc.

Overall, the movie was a funny comedy that I really enjoyed, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to go watch a funny movie and get a good laugh. I thought all the actors did a great job on their parts. I personal thought Kevin Hart sold the movie with his funny acting.

SAE Members Expelled After Racist Remarks

After the video film of the Oklahoma students singing a racist song was released on March 8th, the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were expelled. They were singing a song on the bus and one of the other members got it on video. The student sent the video to the school, and it was first released by an alliance of black students at the University of Oklahoma.

The remarks that were made were racist and this is something that cannot happen in this world. It is uncalled for, and there is no place for people to do this.

“Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s national headquarters has closed its Oklahoma Kappa chapter at the University of Oklahoma following the discovery of an inappropriate video,” according to an article on The Huffington Post. The Oklahoma students in the video were caught and were expelled.

“In addition, all of the members have been suspended, and those members who are responsible for the incident may have their membership privileges revoked permanently” is posted on the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity website as they apologize for the acts that were made by their fraternity.

“We apologize for the unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video, and we are disgusted that any member would act in such a way.”

Not only do the Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s headquarters feel that this incident should not have happened, but the public also feel as though the incident was unnecessary and wrong. “Tear it down” was posted on the side of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s house as shown in a picture, and the members of the fraternity have been protected due to how many people are angry about the case.

There is no reason for the people in the fraternity or in the world to do this. The remarks that were made were unnecessary remarks. The members were expelled due to this. It has brought attention to the United States on how racism still very much exists and the fact that there is no need for it.

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Big Changes for Baltimore Ravens in Upcoming Season

The week of March 2nd, 2015, was a big week in the NFL. Contracts were ending and free agency opened. One team that was hit hard during this week was the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens have already released many players. There are three players that fans seem to be most upset about. Haloti Ngata, Torrey Smith, and Jacoby Jones have parted ways from Baltimore.

Torrey Smith was known as the franchise’s “best deep threat” according to ESPN.  Smith was drafted to the Ravens in 2011 and was a big contributor to the 2012 Super Bowl champion team.  Due to a lack of success in the 2014 season, Smith decided to join the San Francisco 49ers instead of re-signing with Baltimore.

Haloti Ngata has been part of the Ravens since he was drafted in 2006.  He was a leader on the team and a role model to his fans.  According to NBC Sports, Ngata refused to take a pay cut with the Ravens and will now be a part of the Detroit Lions.

Jacoby Jones came to Baltimore from Houston in 2012. His punt return and kickoff touchdowns make him third in the NFL records.  Along with Torrey Smith, Jones was also a big contributor to the 2012 Super Bowl champion team.

After the Super Bowl, Jones became less useful on the field.  He was no longer being used as a receiver and wasn’t making progress with his returns.  According to ESPN, the Ravens do not want to continue to give Jacoby Jones any money for his past accomplishments.

Justin Forsett is now a free agent.  He had a great year with Baltimore in the 2014-2015 season.  He ended the season with 1266 rushing yards and 263 recieving yards.

Although he had his best season of his career in Baltimore, he may not be staying.

Forsett is interested in having a long-term contract. He played for the Seahawks, Colts, Texans, and Jaguars before coming to Baltimore.  According to ESPN, Forsett told the Ravens, “I am just looking for somebody to commit.”

There are also players that are in free agency that may or may not stay in Baltimore.  These free agent players will make the decision based on what contract offers they recieve.

There are still more changes to come regarding the Ravens’ roster due to contracts and player performances.  Members like Terrell Suggs have agreed to take a pay cut so that the Ravens have more cap space.  There is no doubt that the city of Baltimore is in suspense to see what is yet to come.

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Dangers of the Sounds We Love

Music is loved my billions of people across the world. From California to Mongolia, music is everywhere. Even though it makes some feel comfortable, loud music can be very harmful.

Out of the many things people enjoy doing, listening to music is very high on that list. It is all around us.

It allows people to enhance their mood, put them to sleep, or just simply pass time.

Sometimes, too much of anything can be harmful. Although this is cliché, this theory has definitely been proven as a fact when talking about music.

Throughout history, scientists have studied how different frequencies can cause hearing loss. The severity of the frequencies are different for each age group. Adults have a higher sound tolerance than toddlers, but the end result can very well be the same, according to an article published by WebMD.

A decibel is a unit of measure for sound. The lowest decibel someone can hear is 0. A person’s average level decibel while talking is 40 to 60 decibels, according to a blog posted on

According to Medline Plus, the average decibel of a rock concert can be anywhere from 110 to 120 decibels. Headphones on max volume contain 110 decibels

Scientists have discovered that people can begin losing their hearing when the sound level is 85 decibels or higher according to an article by Tom Valeo posted on WebMd.

High frequencies of music are surely not the only reason for hearing loss. It can also be genetic. Studies have shown that anyone that has a family member that suffers from this disorder has a higher chance of following in the same path.

So although these relaxing melodies can be comforting to someone, one must remember to be cautious when listening to music.