Mixed Reviews and Outcomes for New Year’s Resolutions

Throughout history, people have made new year’s resolutions, which include specific goals that they hope to accomplish in the new year. Within the Boys’ Latin community, students and faculty have taken the initiative of setting their own new year’s resolutions. Given that 2019 is under way, new year’s resolutions are now in full effect. Resolutions may vary from being healthier, saving money, and using less screen time, but they didn’t start out that way.

Traffic Complicates Commutes to School

No matter how far you have to drive in the morning, traffic has to be taken into consideration all the time. Roadwork pops up on Lake Avenue that makes it challenging for people to take their normal route to school or be late to school. Often times there are water main breaks at the bottom of Lake Avenue where it meets Falls Road.The usual cause for traffic in the mornings, though, are typical morning traffic jams.