Senior Speeches

The Senior speeches are a tradition at BL and a lot of hard work goes into preparing for them. So far the BL community has heard a little more than half of the senior class give their speeches. We don’t have many left as we near May 17, the last day of school for seniors.


Every year as the transition to spring begins, prom season follows close behind. Prom means different things to different people, but for a significant group of students including students like Seniors Cooper […]

Dreams and Passions

When people talk about their dreams, the recipient in the conversation can feel the passion that relays from the speaker. The excitement radiates from the dreamer, enveloping any nearby listener and empowering them with inspiration. It’s the idea that people are trying that pushes us to try—it’s contagious. And during a senior year in high school, being inspired is important. It is the year most kids decide what path to take.

Ravens Loss Leaves Many Wondering Who To Cheer For

When the month of January came, it was that time of year again for the NFL playoffs. The NFL regular season is seventeen weeks, making the playoffs so special because teams work so hard for so long for very little spots. This past year the BL community was extra excited to see the Ravens back in the playoffs, and Lamar Jackson’s first playoff appearance.