Category: South Side Chronicles

These pieces are submitted by budding writers of the Publications Club run by Mr. Matthew Stone at the Middle School.

2015 Movie Preview

By Michael Scandora and David Giordano 2015 seems to be a great year for movies. With continuations of classic movies such as Jurassic World and Star Wars. Also, there are sequels like […]

Super Bowl Wrap-Up

By Teddy Roebuck and Evan Taliaferro The two teams that competed in the Super Bowl this year were the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks had a chance to […]

Halloween Assembly: Breakdown

By Bryce Milton and Will Alokones Boo! The publication’s group went around the middle school to get people’s perspective on this year’s Halloween assembly vs. last year’s Halloween assembly. This year there […]

What Are MS Students Up To?

By Mitch Boudreau and John Recher The BL middle school has many diverse and interesting activities and hobbies that students do outside of school, such as hunting, snowboarding, hiking, skateboarding, and longboarding. […]