President Obama Says Farewell to the White House

President Barack Obama gave his farewell address on January 10th, 2017, in Chicago to a very large crowd.

One of the main points that President Obama talked about was the peaceful transition of power from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration. This was brought up when the crowd started to chant “‘Four more years!’”, and Obama replied to them with “‘I can’t do that,’” according to the script of the address on

“‘In 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy…the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected President to the next,’” stated Obama in response to the audience booing at Donald Trump, according to the

There was a small underlying message about him [Trump], but it was not direct. He was talking about his progress and how they need to continue it. It didn’t seem intentional, but because they [Trump and Obama] are opposites in the political world, he may have unintentionally done it,” commented Boys’ Latin senior Zach Grace.

Even though Obama stated that he wanted to peacefully transfer power to the newly elected Trump, some people still maintain the idea that he was jabbing at Trump and boosting his own ego.

“Obama chose the moment and the setting (it’s where he gave his victory speech on Election Night 2012) to bask in idolatry rather than say much that will stand the test of time,” according to Fox News.

Obama is “riding high in the polls but just days away from handing over the reins to a Manhattan mogul who has vowed to dismantle much of his legacy,” according to NBC.

Both Liberal and Conservative media want to make the public believe that he was saying bad things about President-elect Trump. Even though in reality, he didn’t say much at all about him.

One extremely strong point Obama had was about race relations.

“For blacks and other minority groups, it means tying our own very real struggles for justice to the challenges that a lot of people in this country face — not only the refugee, or the immigrant, or the rural poor, or the transgender American, but also the middle-aged white guy who, from the outside, may seem like he’s got advantages, but has seen his world upended by economic and cultural and technological change. We have to pay attention, and listen,” said Obama according to

Obama’s time as president has seen many differing opinions based off of the different sides of the political spectrum.

Some people thought he was good.

“He was good but left a lot to be desired. Some stuff he either ignored or gave wishy-washy answers to. He also said he would do things that he didn’t do,” commented Boys’ Latin senior Grant Iodice.

Some people were not as fond of him.

“I thought he didn’t do much. He promised a lot of change, but there wasn’t a lot of change, and the change he had wasn’t very great,” said Grace.

Some people just didn’t care.

“He was alright,” according to Boys’ Latin senior Ryan Stellman.

Finally, some people were in the middle.

“Obama recounted a presidency that saw setbacks as well as successes,” according to CNN.

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President Trump: How Did This Happen?

Heading into last Tuesday, anyone who thought Donald Trump still had a chance to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the first female president of the United States would have been thought of as crazy. Almost every poll leading up to election day had Clinton up anywhere from 1 to 5 points. In-fact, just two weeks before election day, polls were showing Clinton with a seemingly insurmountable lead.

According to CNN, “Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows.”

Despite these polls showing Clinton with an undeniable lead, Trump took an expected early lead on November 8th after the first few polls closed quickly, securing Kentucky and Indiana but losing three electoral votes in Vermont to Clinton. The night swayed back and forth showing states leaning one way one minute and switching the next minute.

The night started to look a lot better for Trump when he took a huge swing state. According to at 11/8 7:21 p.m. ET, ”One major swing state is just about locked up. CNN projects Trump to win Florida, with 51 percent to Clinton’s 46.6.”

This was only the first of an avalanche of swing states and electoral votes that went to Mr. Trump. He took Ohio and North Carolina, and he also picked up the heavily republican state of Texas to acquire massive amounts of electoral votes.

At this point, it seemed like this was anybody’s game with Trump doing better than expected in many of the swing states. After crunching some numbers, it showed that if Clinton could hold the proverbial blue wall of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and the entire northeast of America, she would still be the winner with over the needed 270 electoral votes to win.

Trump, however, held out his slim lead in Wisconsin which broke the blue wall. Now the election looked like a Trump presidency was imminent.

The election was far from over, but Trump now had the lead going into the final few hours of the night. He only had to win one or two more states to clinch the win and move on to the White House in January.

Then at 1:36 AM on November 9th, @AP reported on twitter that Trump had won Pennsylvania giving Trump more than the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency.

Clinton called Trump early in the morning on the 9th to privately concede the election. Trump then delivered his acceptance speech early that morning after the call from Clinton.

Is the UK Leaving the European Union?

The United Kingdom is going to be voting on a referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union on June 23rd. This is a hot topic in global news because it is widely debated among the UK’s citizens.

The referendum ballot will look like this:


This is the extent of the vote: yes or no. The country is pretty much divided 50/50 on this issue according to recent polling conducted by the Telegraph, a British news company. It is of the UK’s best interest to really think about their choice because either way it has some large ramifications.

If the UK decides to stay in the European Union it could render them more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. This is because of the EU’s open border policy. This policy basically states that members of the EU must allow citizens of the other members to pass through with minimal to no restriction.

This idea that everyone can come and go as they please leaves the EU  more susceptible to homegrown terrorists or other followers to wage an attack against them. This policy is simply irresponsible and doltish. People against the referendum do not seem to be able to support this in all of the recent articles by, The Telegraph, and the BBC.

Supporters of this referendum say that the vote is about letting the UK be able to make its own decisions. In a recent article written by the BBC, Peter Bone, founder of Grassroots Out (an organization dedicated to getting the UK out of the EU), said: “We look forward to working closely and productively with all those who want to see the UK set free to determine its own destiny.”

Bone’s point is in correlation with the pro-referendum constituency.  Besides the obvious security benefits, the ability to be independent is of great value to Brittan.

The UK would be free to set its own travel restrictions and trade agreements with each individual member of the EU. Also, since Brittian does not use the Euro, it would not even need to rely on the European Central Bank for currency. The UK could be completely free in no time.

Worst Case Scenario for Republican Party: a Contested Convention

The recent Republican Primary has led mainstream leaders of the GOP to outwardly oppose presidential candidate Donald Trump. This opposition is gaining traction among Republicans and could lead to a contested convention where Trump becomes offended, leading him to run as an independent, splitting the Republican base, and thus handing the election to the Democratic nominee.

The leaders of the Republican Party are coming out against Trump for not being true to the values that Republicans hold close. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Grahm said, “The more you know about his political giving, the less Republican he looks,” according to

This attack is making potential voters question Donald Trump’s validity as a member of the Republican Party. This is shown in a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC with registered, leaned Republican voters. This graph shows that Trump is losing his edge versus the other two leading Republican candidates.


This new wave of opinions could lead to controversy at the RNC. If no candidate in the rest of the primaries wins enough delegates to automatically receive the nomination, then the party may choose to hold a contested convention.

A contested convention occurs when a nominee does not receive a certain number of delegates.  Delegates can then change their alliance and elect a new nominee.

In the past, Trump has made it clear he would be willing to run as an Independent if he was unsuccessful as a Republican.  This indicates if a contested convention occurred, and someone other then Trump was chosen, he would run as an Independent.

If Mr. Trump decides to do so, I think it would hand the presidency to the Democratic Party. I believe this because it would split up the Republican base, giving the Democratic candidate an edge over the potential two Republicans

Young Republicans Club President, Charlie Iklé, said that he would support Trump even if he ran as an Independent. “It [the election]  will not directly hand it to [the Democrats]”.

Robbie Gothier believes quite the opposite. Robbie believes that this would be completely irresponsible of Mr. Trump because he believes without a doubt the Democratic candidate would win if Trump ran as an Independent.

These two opposing opinions among Republicans just further emphasizes the potential split of the party.

If the Republican Party decides to hold a contested convention, it could lead to a loss in the presidential election. This could change the future of our country forever and is a large risk for the Republican constituency.

Two Sides to Donald J. Trump

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is not your normal run-of-the-mill, traditional style candidate.  He’s far from it, and that’s a blessing and a curse that supporters love him for and protesters despise even more.

Trump is as unfiltered as they come and sometimes it seems as whatever goes through his brain automatically comes out of his mouth as well. He’s an extremely successful businessman that knows his way around a television set.

He’s stubborn: he sticks by his word to the burning gates of hell and won’t let you tell him otherwise. It is a bit unfair that reporters and media bash him for statements he made 15 years ago. There is a difference between changing your stance on a matter within close spans at a time and 15 years. It’s understandable that Trump could change his mind in that amount of time.

It’s understandable that Trump could change his mind in that amount of time.  The world changes as do the people that live in it causing different issues and opinions to take.

Trump’s natural talent is how unscripted he is: not one speech is the same. He may truly be the only one that goes up on a debate stage without any sort of organization of lines. He’s had so much experience on live television from his countless TV shows, interviews, and business ventures that have turned him into a very engaging and exciting yet absurd public speaker.

Trump knows the in and outs of business and how to gather attention on a public stage. “That [his experience with television] put him in position to understand that the presidential election campaign is really just a badly acted, billion-dollar TV show whose production costs ludicrously include the political disenfranchisement of its audience,” from writer, Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stones.

Now, the electoral process of the United States has become completely fake.  The typical electable candidate tells the people what they want to reassure them.  Trump marched in and most people took it as a joke until he actually started to win; he’s becoming unstoppable solely because of the unique way he’s going about his campaign.

The media despises him and, in turn, gives him all the publicity.  He gets it all for free while reporters bash him and it’s only making him stronger.  He loves to go after reporters on twitter using his favorite terms ranging from “loser” to “clown” or “lightweight” and everything in between.

He’s doing something that has never been done before, and the poor litter of candidates in this year’s election can’t play on his level. He wins people over by insulting our own kind and calling out the imperfections of the political system and our country as a whole.

A man that said he is going to build a wall to keep out immigrants is the favorite for winning the Hispanic vote by a margin.  It’s amazing how he does it.

Protesters will tell you he’s shockingly similar to Adolf Hitler and that he is a bigot and a racist and is only for the upper class. In my opinion, the comparisons to Hitler seem a bit extreme; I mean, this isn’t socialist Germany during a World War. The fact that people can just automatically assume he supports the KKK is ludicrous.

He’s a wealthy tycoon of a businessman that won’t owe any money when he gets into office and he has already created so many jobs throughout his life.

If he runs our country and economy the same way he puts effort into his past business ventures, then the United States could become much better as a result. His supporters see him in this light and it reassures their anxiety of job security.

People hate him because they’ve never seen anything like it; he’s certainly unpredictable and his presidency could go either way.  Some label him as a “non-conservative” or “fake republican” who is way too crazy to be in charge of a country.

He is “nontraditional and not fit for the job” and a “Drumpf” according to John Oliver, HBO Political Commentator.  Some people are scared of him because he’s not your normal running candidate spewing BS to gain false support.

I personally like a lot of the principles Donald Trump stands for but there is no denying he is an egotistical maniac and that he could truly be a hit or a miss.  However, the other candidates behind him and the two on the other side scare me much more than having Trump in charge.

Sometimes it feels as if Trump isn’t getting a fair shot and that the party is trying to push him out because he is “not conservative.” He is so much different than any front-running candidate ever and people are not used to that and are embarrassed or even scared to have him represent our country in the White House.

As the race unfolds, Trump has maintained his lead and came away with most states on Super Tuesday and is a hopeful to lock in the nomination. Along the way, he will keep up with his unpredictable nature and pissing off people that don’t think he is what’s right for this country.

Trump is a man for change, and behind him it may seem crazy at first, but he has the potential to fulfill his slogan and “Make America Great Again.”

Winners, Losers Emerge from New Hampshire Primary

On February 9th, New Hampshire held its primary elections. The two winners were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, but they weren’t the only ones walking away with something to celebrate.

According to, Donald J. Trump received a staggering 35.3 percent of votes, which allowed for him to win the Republican side.  This was a huge win for Trump as he is coming off a second-place performance in Iowa, a state he was expected to win.  This win legitimizes Trump’s campaign and proves that voters are serious about their intent to put Trump in office. 

On the Democratic side, according to CNN, Bernie Sanders led the polls receiving 60.4 percent of votes.  This was an exceptionally high percentage of votes for Sanders.  This win is substantial for Sanders as it proves that Americans are serious about their intent to vote for Sanders and that this movement is real.  

The Republican second place candidate came as a surprise to many as Former Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second place.  Kasich had been campaigning heavily in New Hampshire, which aligns with his results.  This win could potentially give Kasich momentum heading into Super Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton suffered a huge loss in New Hampshire.  According to CNN, New Hampshire had treated the Clintons well, but this time, Hillary was defeated by a large margin.

This loss could be derived from Clinton’s latest email scandal, which has turned away many of her supporters. Originally, Clinton was almost a lock to be the Democratic winner, but after these results, it seems she will have more competition than expected.

Another candidate who suffered a big loss in New Hampshire was Ted Cruz.  Recently, Ted Cruz has been criticized for taking advantage of a tweet saying that Ben Carson had dropped out of the election by informing those going to the caucus that Carson was out and they should vote for Cruz.  His results in New Hampshire may have been impacted by his lies being brought to the public light.

This year’s election has already been incredibly interesting.  With two primaries in the books, things are beginning to take shape, but nothing is finalized.  It will be exciting to view how this election progresses.  

Mass Shooting in California Reignits Gun Control

On December 3rd 2015, a shooting occurred at a party in San Bernardino at the Inland Regional Center around 11 a.m., what started out as a peaceful Wednesday afternoon turned bloody and hellish, resulting in the death of insentient people, and for family’s and friends to have their loved ones taken away.

Fourteen people had their lives taken that day and twenty one where wounded. Most of these people happen to be county employees, working at Regional Center. Could all this have been avoided if gun control were more strict? 

This latest mass shooting in California was not the only one America has faced as of recently. Mass shootings are digging themselves in the state of  being a conman component of american civilian life and culture. how sad that must be, its the truth and the truth hurts.

the shooting in California was the most resent  mass shooting and has reignited the debate over gun control. The New York Times even posted about this topic on their front page, putting them self’s in on the discussion. The issue of even a topic involving guns has not made the front cover of the New York Times in Nearly 100 years.

The New York Times Cover just shows the amount of talk and, question all of these shooting are stirring up. many american be;live that its there right as an american to own any kind of weapon, and that it makes them safer. but many arguer the exact oposit.

Gun owner ship has gone down over the years but, it is still a fact that over a third of the house holds in american own guns. as stated in the, Washington post, If guns are available, it is more likely that a violent dispute will become a deadly one, and that a criminal with the intent to kill can find the means to do so.

The argument continues to blaze tall, with no end in sight of going out. will american keep their guns or, will they give up the weapons?