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Every year as the transition to spring begins, prom season follows close behind. Prom means different things to different people, but for a significant group of students including students like Seniors Cooper […]

Dreams and Passions

When people talk about their dreams, the recipient in the conversation can feel the passion that relays from the speaker. The excitement radiates from the dreamer, enveloping any nearby listener and empowering them with inspiration. It’s the idea that people are trying that pushes us to try—it’s contagious. And during a senior year in high school, being inspired is important. It is the year most kids decide what path to take.

Mixed Reviews and Outcomes for New Year’s Resolutions

Throughout history, people have made new year’s resolutions, which include specific goals that they hope to accomplish in the new year. Within the Boys’ Latin community, students and faculty have taken the initiative of setting their own new year’s resolutions. Given that 2019 is under way, new year’s resolutions are now in full effect. Resolutions may vary from being healthier, saving money, and using less screen time, but they didn’t start out that way.