This Week In Pictures: Annual Senior Mother Son Breakfast

Mother son BreakfastThe Seniors had a pleasant morning as they had Breakfast with their Mothers and mother like figures.

This Week in Pictures: Maroon and White Day

This week in pictures Maroon and White day

Matt Luterman hits a pitch in Maisel Ball on Maroon and White Day.  Seth Nance, David Robinson, Justus Brown, Sam Grace, Ben Barton, and Ned Ruffin look on to support their teammate.

Boys’ Latin Tennis Loses First Match

Last Tuesday, April 4th, the Boys’ Latin tennis team traveled up Charles Street to Loyola Blakefield to compete in their first match of the season.

A few weeks ago, leading up to the match, star tennis player Griffin McShane tore his ACL and will be out for the entire season.

Despite losing the senior leader due to injury, the season must go on. “It’s not a complete season ruiner but it definitely hurts. We have guys that can step up in his place, but his experience starting for the past two years is unmatched,” said senior captain Jimmy Magee.

Although the Lakers lost an important player, the match was still extremely close. The final score was 3-2 with Loyola winning. Magee said that it was a tough match with wins at 1 singles and 1 doubles, but in the third set of the deciding match, the Lakers lost.

“We played well, [senior] Logan McWilliams and I won our match and Jimmy won his match, but we lost as a whole,” said Ryan Stellman, who is also a senior on the tennis team.

Stellman also included how tight-knit the team is this season. They all wear matching head bands in practices and games.

Even though the Lakers came up short during this match, junior star David Ullrich is not worried at all for the rest of the season. Ullrich believes that if it was not their first match, they would have won. Overall, Ullrich seems very excited for the rest of the season.

Magee is also not worried about moving forward. Magee said, “Moving forward, our team is only going to get better with experience and match play. We have the chance to be a real title contender.”

The senior-led tennis team at Boys’ Latin has been together for over two years now, and they are ready to leave Lake Ave with a championship. The Lakers have a big one coming up and need support as they travel to St. Paul’s to play against the Crusaders. Go watch the seniors as they lead their team to the championship.

Robotics Team Advances to Worlds After Strong Showing at Regionals

On Thursday, April 6th, the Boys’ Latin Robotics team left for Virginia Commonwealth University to compete in regionals, hoping to make it to worlds again.  

“I believe our chances of winning the competition are very high,” said junior Wayne Garrus III. “If we work on our communication, we will do great.”

“We need to work on the shooter of the robot. That, along with a better gear pickup, and we will qualify for worlds,” added senior captain Noah Vilceus. “We probably need to finish in the top 20 to qualify for worlds.”

The team finished in 27th after their robot broke down in the quarterfinals, but still managed enough points to qualify for worlds!

“The robot had to place a gear on a peg, shoot balls into a high basket, and climb up a rope during the match,” said senior captain Ryan Trupia.

“It was stressful to watch all the other teams and how good they were,” said freshman Stephan Davis. “They seemed like they were much more prepared than us, but it was also exciting to see them compete.”

“I’m really excited to go to worlds,” said Garrus. “The competition is great there and it is a lot of fun to see all the robots from around the world.”

“It feels great,” said Trupia. “It feels like all the time and effort we put into this robot paid off and it is very satisfying.”

“I feel strongly about our robot and I think that there is a chance [to win worlds] if we perform to our best level,” said Trupia.

As the team gets ready to go to St. Louis to compete in worlds, they are also fine tuning the robot to make sure it is ready.

“If we want to improve the robot, the gear boxes for the drivetrain need to be replaced or fixed along with gear pickup,” said Trupia. “We also need to fix internal communication problems so we can work better as a team.”

Maisel Sets Date for Grand Opening of Military Museum

Mr. Maisel’s U.S. Military Museum is set to make its grand opening on April 26th, 2017. The Museum is located in the Upper School next to the Student Commons. The museum will showcase exhibits with every aspect of the military through all of the wars in American history.

Empty Case

Cases of the early wars during construction.

Mr. Maisel is especially excited to unveil his collection of military pieces to the entire school. “I’ve had this idea for 20 years,” Mr. Maisel started. “I’ve had this huge collection forever. I thought why not have it all in one place and everyone can use it.”

Mr. Maisel described the process of the construction of the museum as “complicated” based on all of the moving parts and the many roles being played in the construction. However, the progress of the museum has spread throughout the entire Upper School, and many students are looking forward to the grand opening.

Each case has a mannequin with the uniform, weapon, equipment, rations, etc. from each war in American history. Some cases will even feature BL students who have served in those wars.

Of course, Mr. Maisel wasn’t alone in the making of this museum. Seniors Garrett Dreiband and Garrett Glaeser are currently helping Mr. Maisel with a sound system for each of the display cases in the museum.

“For each case, we’ve bought one audio system and with that, we are able to put an audio file on a chip that we can play on a speaker. When you press the button, the speaker will share a story about the person in the case,” said Garrett Dreiband.

Filled Case

Cases of the early years with dressed mannequins.

This wasn’t an easy task, either. Dreiband and Glaeser had to go out and buy a sound system on their own since they were creating the system for their LAUNCH project.

“We had to research many companies to find an audio system. Luckily, we found a UK based company that sold at a good price and sent us over everything we needed,” Garrett Glaeser stated.

Dreiband and Glaeser are currently finishing the voice overs for the speakers and should be ready to go for the grand opening.

Now that the date for the opening is coming along, Mr. Maisel cannot wait to see what the students take out of this new addition to BL.

“I hope that people realize that this museum is about people. That’s my whole message. It’s not about cool mannequins with guns and that sort of thing. It’s about the story behind the mannequin and the story behind the artifacts. I want people to come away with what war is like, the experience of it with BL, and all of the personal stories involved with it,” Mr. Maisel expressed.

Filled Case 2

Soldiers from the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. 

Many students eagerly await the final construction of the museum and can’t wait to see the incredible military display that Mr. Maisel will unveil.

“I think the museum will be a good way to reflect because we always have Memorial Day services and Veterans Day services. I think having it year round will remind those in our community the sacrifices others our community have made for us,” Dreiband said about the impact of the museum on BL.

Chris Maisel, Mr. Maisel’s son, will be the head curator of the museum when it opens April 26th.

Lakers Explore Identity on One Love Day

On Friday, April 7, the whole upper school dedicated their annual One Laker | One Love Day to explore identity and relationships through group activities and educational comedy.

This year for One Laker | Love Day, the One Love club at BL decided to combine with the Diversity club. The goal was to have an understanding of different people and their identities in order to build stronger relationships.

There were objections to the decision to merge these two clubs for One Love Day. Some students throughout the school found a problem with the school combining these two clubs mainly because they felt the day would focus more on diversity rather than relationships and relationship violence, the focus of the One Love club.

The first event of the day was having the whole upper school gather in the Gelston Athletic Center and divide themselves into the groups they felt they best fit in. These groups included musician, educator, athlete, artist, gamer, and scholar. Then, they were forced to come to the center of the gym through questions that related to their identity.

The questions started simply then moved to more specific, personal questions such as family structure. Through these questions, each group realized what similarities they had.

“We want students to learn how to be comfortable with their identities and other people’s identities as well,” Diversity leader Kristen Tubman said before One Love Day.

“I feel like the day focused a little too much on diversity rather than relationship violence. It was One Love Day so I felt there should have been more of a focus on that rather than diversity,” sophomore Teddy Roebuck confessed.

Other students had a positive opinion on One Love Day.

“I thought it was a good experience for all to come together,” senior Jalen Milton said, who was one of the student leaders for One Love Day. “I think it was cool that the Diversity club and the One Love club merged and taught people how to strengthen relationships.”

“I had a great group,” Milton went on to say. “Mr. Dagenais kept our group on track which allowed us to learn more.”

“The whole day was entertaining,” sophomore Kevin Davis stated. “The comedians were funny and insightful. I learned a lot from them. Our group made each other talk but at the same time JP and Mr. Whitehair made it a safe space.”  

“It was a great day to be Laker,” Megan Kenney said, who is the One Love club leader. “The leaders’ hard work, dedication, and collaboration paid off. They really set the tone at the start of the day and modeled how to strengthen relationships, celebrate one another, and listen to each other’s stories.”

“I am grateful that Theodore Thomas, Rashawn Evans, Luke Shilling, and Theodore LaBonte Clark shared a piece of themselves to all of us,” Ms. Kenney went on to say.


one love pic cometry 2017

Iggy and Claudia of Cometry perform for the upper school students.



Major League Baseball is Back in Full Swing

The long anticipation for the 2017 MLB season can now cease as April 2nd marked Opening Day for the teams and most importantly, the fans.

The day was highlighted by three quality baseball games. The day started off with a Tampa Bay Rays win over the Yankees, 7-3, the next game was an Arizona Diamondback win over the Giants, 6-5, followed by the prime time game of the St. Louis Cardinals winning against the Chicago Cubs, 4-3 at Busch Stadium.

The Chicago Cubs were the 2016 World Series champions so they had to play an away game at the marquee time slot the following year. However, since it was an away game for the champions, the Cubs were not presented their World Series trophy. They will not be presented their trophy until April 10th at Wrigley Field.

Even though the season is only ten days in, there have been many games that have shown this will be an exciting season of baseball.

On April 3rd, the Dodgers made history by hitting a team record four homeruns in their opening day game. They ended up crushing the Padres 14-3.

On April 8th, the Phillies put up their biggest first inning amount of runs in team history with 12 against the Nationals in DC. The Phillies ended up routing the Nats, 17-3, and it marked history for Philadelphia.

On the Orioles Opening Day, they seemed to pick up where they left off last year with a walk off homerun in the 11th inning against the Blue Jays. The Orioles ended up winning 3-2.

Some Boys’ Latin baseball fans shared their views on Opening Day starting and how excited they are to see their teams.

“I am really excited about the Baltimore Orioles, but I am not that excited for anybody else,” said Teddy Roebuck, a sophomore JV baseball player. “I am kinda excited about going to see the Orioles and following them, I guess; they are really the only team I follow.”

“I am most excited about the Orioles games, going to them, that is,” exclaimed sophomore Alex Lee.

Many fans in the Baltimore area are very excited about the upcoming season for the Orioles and the unpredictability of the team. Although, MLB experts are not as optimistic for the season.

“The Orioles will finish in fifth place, dead last in the AL East. DON’T EMAIL ME. But you can’t tell me that you’re supremely confident in a rotation that currently features Wade Miley in the middle, Ubaldo Jimenez toward the back, and Mike Wright as the first line of defense in case something happens to the top of the rotation,” wrote Grant Brisbee, an MLB writer for

According to a baseball simulator from, “The Orioles have a 29% of making it to the playoffs and 2% chance of winning the World series,” a stat that many Orioles fans probably do not want to hear at all. The simulator does, however, have the Chicago Cubs at a 22% chance of winning the World Series again.

Other sources have a different outcome as far as the 2017 World Series winner goes.

“A Nationals-Red Sox World Series would have all the makings of a classic. The Washington and Boston lineups are characterized by star power and depth. Sounds like the kind of series destined to go the distance and be determined by lucky breaks,” wrote Zachary D. Rymer, an MLB leader writer.

Regardless of the World Series predictions, the upcoming baseball season appears quite promising. Hopefully the season remains this exciting as it actually progresses.