As Seen In College Counciling: Finishing Up With Class of 2017


As the school year is coming to a close, there is still college work to be done for the Class of 2017. College Councilor Mr. Robinson is still working to help the undecided students make a decision on where they want to go to college.

As Seen In Room 129: Final Exams Are On The Horizon

Although it may not seem like it, final exams will be here before you know it. Mrs. Cobb’s ninth grade biology classes are completing a genetics lab that will count as part of their final exam.


As seen in Room 122: AP Physics 2 Electric Houses



Walker Santos and Trey-Lonte Gaither’s house

The AP Physics 2 students had to create houses out of cardboard with working lighting and wiring. Students worked on them for 3 months! They are still in room 122 so come check them out!


Zach Grace and Jake Alokones’s house

As Seen in the Senior Room: Seniors Finalize Their College Choices

Ethan Norman created a list of where all the seniors will be attending college next year. img_1531With spring rolling around the list is really beginning to fill up!


As Seen in 234: English 10 Independent Reading Projects


Project by Luke Patterson.

In Mrs. Fenstermaker’s 10th grade English classes, the students complete an independent reading project each quarter. Each quarter, the students choose a book based on their own interests and then complete a different project. The second quarter reading projects are the most eye-catching as they hang from the ceiling in her classroom.

The Bloom Ball – or the dodecahedron (any polyhedron with twelve flat faces) as its known for all you geometry buffs – is a twist on a traditional “book report.”


Project by Logan Thomas.

Each pentagon that makes up the dodecahedron is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. The requirements range from the very basic knowledge level of recalling details and facts to the most rigorous level of synthesis or putting pieces together to create a brand new whole of ideas.

Stop by room 234 to check them out!