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This Week in Pictures: Maroon and White Day

This week in pictures Maroon and White day

Matt Luterman hits a pitch in Maisel Ball on Maroon and White Day.  Seth Nance, David Robinson, Justus Brown, Sam Grace, Ben Barton, and Ned Ruffin look on to support their teammate.

Excitement, Sadness Make WrestleMania 33 the Ultimate Thrill Ride

WrestleMania 33 was marketed as “The Ultimate Thrill Ride,” playing directly into the setting of Orlando with Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks also in Orlando. The main show started with the hosts of WrestleMania, The New Day, coming out into the ring to get the crowd going and officially kicking off WrestleMania.

AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon

Midway through the match, the referee got knocked out by an accidental kick to the head by Styles. The match was now opened up to foreign objects. Styles grabbed two metal trash cans and threw them into the ring, but the trash cans got turned on him when McMahon hit his signature move, Coast to Coast.

After jumping through a table and being hit by a phenomenal forearm by Styles, McMahon could fight no longer leaving Styles the winner.

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho United States Championship Match

After the deterioration of a best friendship between Jericho and Owens, they had a match at WrestleMania for Jericho’s United States Championship. The 15-minute match featured a few signature moves by both competitors. Owens power bombed Jericho onto the apron, rolled him into the ring, and covered him to become the new United States Championship.

Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match for the RAW Women’s Championship

Nia Jax was eliminated first, followed quickly by Sasha Banks, leaving just Charlotte and Bayley left. Bayley finished the match after hitting Charlotte with a diving elbow.

RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

This match was originally intended to be a match between three tag teams. However, just before the match, the New Day appeared again to announce they just got word that an additional team would enter the match.

The Hardy Boyz entered to be the fourth tag tame. After a grueling ladder match with many of the superstars being hit by ladders, the Hardy Boyz walked out victorious becoming the new Tag Team Champions.

Mixed Tag Team Match

This match was not a particularly great match, and it was relatively short. However, after John Cena and Nikki Bella finished the Miz and Maryse, Cena proposed to Bella in the middle of the ring and Bella said yes.

Non-sanctioned Match: Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

Triple H spent a lot of his time during the match targeting Rollins’ bad knee to try to gain an advantage. However, toward the end of the match, Triple H’s wife was knocked off the apron onto a table. This took Triple H’s attention away from the match enough that Rollins was able to capitalize on his distraction and deliver a pedigree for the win.

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Orton previously declined to fight Wyatt because of their previous friendship. Unfortunately, their friendship deteriorated and Orton decided that he should take his opportunity to fight Wyatt. Randy Orton became the new WWE Champion after delivering an RKO out of nowhere.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

The match started with Lesnar delivering three consecutive German Suplexes, which was followed by Goldberg delivering four consecutive spears and then a jackhammer. This was followed by Lesnar delivering seven German Suplexes and an F5 to finish the match. All of this happened in less than five minutes.

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Six-Pack challenge

Alexa Bliss tapped out to a Naomi submission move leaving Naomi the new SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker

Reigns had to carry the match to keep it interesting while The Undertaker looked to be suffering. The Undertaker showed glimpses of his old self only to get knocked back down again by Reigns.

The remaining portion of the match was filled by Roman Reigns Spearing and punching the Undertaker repeatedly. Reigns finished it with a final Spear leaving the Undertaker alone in the ring.

The Undertaker stayed in the ring, sat up and got back to his feet. He put on his entrance attire and then slowly took off his gloves, overcoat, and hat leaving them in the center of the ring. This action is perceived to show that the Undertaker had retired by “hanging up the gloves,” but there has been no official word from The Undertaker or the WWE confirming his retirement.

wrestlemania Pic2.jpg

The Undertaker’s gloves, overcoat, and hat in the center of the ring.


As Seen in 122: Faraday Trains AP Physics 2

In Mrs. Rods room on the science and math floor, the AP Physics 2 students were hard at work building electromagnetic, Faraday trains. The goal of this was to have the smoothest running train and the most aesthetically pleasing train. The winners were Jake Alokones and Zach Grace, but it was a close second by Josiah Bedford and Matt Purnell.

The students learned how magnets and electricity work together. In the end, the trains took a long time to build, but learning the physics behind how the trains worked was invaluable. The pictures of the trains are below.

File_004 (1).jpeg

The winning train is shown at the bottom of the picture with the train in second place is pictured at the top of the photo.

File_005 (1)

File_003 (1)

BL Sports Teams Find Success on Spring Break

While many were enjoying the spring break on vacation or just spending time home with nothing to do, the spring athletes at Boys’ Latin spent their spring breaks playing and practicing to prepare for the upcoming spring sports season.

The spring teams at BL are baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and golf. While lacrosse, tennis, and golf all made their spring break trips to Florida, the baseball team made its trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The baseball team played two games and a scrimmage in Myrtle Beach. They finished with a record of 1-1 in the games and a loss in the scrimmage.

“I thought it was a successful trip although it was short. The biggest thing that came out of it was we learned what we needed to improve on and what we did well,” said JP Woodward.

The tennis team took on a different approach to their spring break trip. Instead of playing matches down in Orlando, they took the time in the good weather to train through practices and conditioning.

“We didn’t play matches, but I’ve never seen a tennis team be more focused and disciplined in the practices and in running and fitness. It was great to see. Personally, I got a lot out of the trip and tried to have a good balance of enjoying the sun and improving my game,” said senior Jimmy Magee

Along with the tennis team, the golf team also used the time to get better on their own rather than competing against other teams.

“We didn’t play any teams. We just played a lot of nice and difficult courses that really tested our skills in the preseason. The hope is that challenging ourselves early on, we could come back with a more refined skill set and mentality for the upcoming season,” said Garrett Glaeser of the golf team.

The lacrosse team played two games while in Florida. They won both games but they achieved something more important than winning.  “The team performed very well. We built better chemistry every day and pushed each other hard in our practices,” said junior goalie Chris Brandau.

Each trip was intended to improve each team over the time spent in the good weather, but the teams took advantage of free time and good weather to do activities other than sports. The baseball team in Myrtle Beach found time to play miniature golf in their free time, while tennis found themselves enjoying the Disney World parks in Orlando.

The golf team and lacrosse team found time hanging out with their own teams. Because they were in the same hotel, they found some time to hang out collectively.

While this trip for each team was comprised of students from each grade, this was the final spring break trip at BL for the seniors.

“I try not to think about that. I look at it as more of motivation as it is our last season and to do great rather than being sad about it being our last time,” said Woodward, a senior pitcher for the baseball team.

Magee stated, “It is a little surreal knowing that I won’t be going to Disney next year like I have the past four, but it made me focus on really bearing down for the home stretch of sports at my time on Lake Avenue.”

Glaeser stated, “It was definitely a surreal experience. I’ve played some phenomenal golf courses over spring break over these past few years. I’ve had the incredible honor and privilege of playing courses professionals have played. It’s been a very humbling experience every year. I’ve enjoyed spending time with the guys on the team. The week has always been very special to me.”

This Week in Pictures: Baseball Downs Loyola 5-4


The Boys’ Latin baseball team played Loyola on Monday and won 5-4 behind pitchers, Ned Ruffin and JP Woodward. The team won with the help of a 2-run home run by Mark Lopez and solid defense.

The team moves to a record of 4-3.

Nintendo Switch, “Zelda Breath of The Wild” Are Simply Fantastic

During almost every console release, there is a fan base that will do whatever it takes to buy it. This was me for the Nintendo Switch.

After being the 51st person in line on midnight Friday morning, March 3rd, when the store was selling 50 consoles, I was pretty upset having to leave the store empty handed. I tried again the following morning, however, and got my place in line as number 54 of 59 consoles being sold.

Despite me almost losing out until the stores could be restocked like many others behind me, I was able to purchase a Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch itself is a pretty innovative and versatile piece of hardware. It can be played on the go or on TV. It is a portable home console.

The Nintendo Switch looks like a tablet with two controllers mounted on either side. These controllers, called JoyCon, are detachable and can function as a controller separate from the system. Each JoyCon can also function on its own to enable multiplayer mode.

Due to the detachable JoyCon, the system can be played many ways. It can be played with one JoyCon in each hand, connected to a grip to make it feel like a conventional controller, or can be directly connected to the Switch itself.

The Switch can be taken with you on the go. It can also be placed in the dock that comes with the system to connect to the TV. The Nintendo Switch is awesome functioning on its own without a TV, but when docked and playing on an HDTV, the Nintendo Switch is at its best.

However, even though the console is very good, I did come across a slight problem. When playing with a JoyCon in each hand, I had disconnection problems with the JoyCon in my left hand. I tested it out; it appears that when playing, my hand would wrap a little too far around the JoyCon, and I would block the signal to the console itself.

It is a minor hardware problem, but it did not happen often, and when it did, it was only for the slightest amount of time.

Another thing that some people see as a problem – but I don’t – is the lack of a streaming service such as Netflix. This is not a hardware problem, and it was confirmed that some type of streaming service is in the works by Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie according to bgr.com. This will come in time so it is not a flaw of the console.

Like many other consoles in their early life, the Nintendo Switch currently has a very limited, but growing game selection. Currently, there are around 10 games that are playable on the switch at the moment. However, one of the games that released already may already be better than any future game that will release on the console.

This game is “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.” This game is already topping many reviewer’s charts, and after one week with the game, I understand why.

The game is an open world experience where you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and however you want. There is a storyline to the game, but it does not have to be followed at all. The final boss can be beaten without doing anything in the main quest.

It is a game that is easy to lose time with. I often found myself playing past the time I allotted myself to play. I have only had the game for one week and can tell this game is on my top five list, and it may even creep to number one by the time I finish the game.

The Nintendo Switch is definitely a step up from its previous console, the Wii U. Although I liked the Wii U, it did not do very well in sales.

Together, the Nintendo Switch and “The Legend of Zelda” are working magically together. With the extremely fun game and the many different styles to play it offered by the console, there are many, many hours of fun available with this system and game.

Due to the small hardware issue, I cannot give the Nintendo Switch a perfect score, so I give the Nintendo Switch a 9/10. Zelda, however, is one of the best games I have ever played and without a doubt give it a perfect 10/10.

Switch Inkwell Pics 1

Demonstration of the JoyCon being used independently for multiplayer mode.


A Sad Goodbye, but a New Beginning Starts for Mr. Franklin

It was announced early last week that Mr. Charles Franklin would be leaving Boys’ Latin to take a role at Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland.

Mr. Franklin has been an advisor, teacher, Co-head of the Upper School, and Director of Academics over his past eight years at BL. He also served as coaches for the JV basketball team, JV soccer team, and the Varsity golf team. Mr. Franklin’s contributions to the community are immeasurable and he will be missed.

Mr. Brian Mitchell will transition from being the other Co-head of the Upper School to the Head of Upper School starting in the fall of 2017.

Many students were shocked by the news that BL will be losing Mr. Franklin next year.

“As a senior, I will not be here next year so I can’t really envision a BL without Mr. Franklin. I am leaving the same year as he is. I won’t really see the effects next year as younger classes will. It will most likely be a little weird to see someone different sitting in his office day to day, but it is not something I will experience, just something I can speculate on,” JP Woodward said.

“Mr. Franklin makes it a more casual and comfortable learning environment. He is easily approachable and easy to have a conversation with,” stated junior Chris Brandau.

Mr. Franklin said that conversations with Landon started to occur in late December into early January, with interviews also happening in January. They made the decision to offer him the position of Assistant Headmaster in early February.

Mr. Franklin is currently the Varsity golf head coach, and after the end of the season, that position will be vacant. Mr. Franklin hopes to continue his coaching endeavors next year. Mr. Franklin said that he would like to coach soccer and basketball at some point again.

Sophomore Sam Grace put the dynamic of such a great faculty member leaving next year perfectly. He said, “When you have someone as good as Mr. Franklin, you cannot be selfish and you need to share him with someone else. It will be a sad goodbye, but someone else is going to have the opportunity to experience Mr. Franklin in this new stage of his life.”


Mr. Franklin, Co-Head of the Upper School at Boys’ Latin.