As Seen in 234: English 10 Independent Reading Projects


Project by Luke Patterson.

In Mrs. Fenstermaker’s 10th grade English classes, the students┬ácomplete an independent reading project each quarter. Each quarter, the students choose a book based on their own interests and then complete a different project. The second quarter reading projects are the most eye-catching as they hang from the ceiling in her classroom.

The Bloom Ball – or the dodecahedron (any polyhedron with twelve flat faces) as its known for all you geometry buffs – is a twist on a traditional “book report.”


Project by Logan Thomas.

Each pentagon that makes up the dodecahedron is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. The requirements range from the very basic knowledge level of recalling details and facts to the most rigorous level of synthesis or putting pieces together to create a brand new whole of ideas.

Stop by room 234 to check them out!

Former Inkwell Author Writing for UMD’s The Diamondback

Check out an article written by BL alum Brett Blum, ’16, for The Diamondback, the University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper.


Brett Blum, ’16, at graduation.


UMD RecWell rolls out new intramural sports and fitness classes

We at the Inkwell were fortunate to have Blum write for the newspaper last year and are excited to see him continue his journey to become a journalist. Keep at it, Brett!