Week In Pictures: Library Art

Art work.jpg

This library has had this humongous coloring sheet all year, and this week, it is actually close to being finished. Mrs. Ricci put it on a table to help students relieve stress. In the next two weeks or so it will be completed.

Major League Baseball is Back in Full Swing

The long anticipation for the 2017 MLB season can now cease as April 2nd marked Opening Day for the teams and most importantly, the fans.

The day was highlighted by three quality baseball games. The day started off with a Tampa Bay Rays win over the Yankees, 7-3, the next game was an Arizona Diamondback win over the Giants, 6-5, followed by the prime time game of the St. Louis Cardinals winning against the Chicago Cubs, 4-3 at Busch Stadium.

The Chicago Cubs were the 2016 World Series champions so they had to play an away game at the marquee time slot the following year. However, since it was an away game for the champions, the Cubs were not presented their World Series trophy. They will not be presented their trophy until April 10th at Wrigley Field.

Even though the season is only ten days in, there have been many games that have shown this will be an exciting season of baseball.

On April 3rd, the Dodgers made history by hitting a team record four homeruns in their opening day game. They ended up crushing the Padres 14-3.

On April 8th, the Phillies put up their biggest first inning amount of runs in team history with 12 against the Nationals in DC. The Phillies ended up routing the Nats, 17-3, and it marked history for Philadelphia.

On the Orioles Opening Day, they seemed to pick up where they left off last year with a walk off homerun in the 11th inning against the Blue Jays. The Orioles ended up winning 3-2.

Some Boys’ Latin baseball fans shared their views on Opening Day starting and how excited they are to see their teams.

“I am really excited about the Baltimore Orioles, but I am not that excited for anybody else,” said Teddy Roebuck, a sophomore JV baseball player. “I am kinda excited about going to see the Orioles and following them, I guess; they are really the only team I follow.”

“I am most excited about the Orioles games, going to them, that is,” exclaimed sophomore Alex Lee.

Many fans in the Baltimore area are very excited about the upcoming season for the Orioles and the unpredictability of the team. Although, MLB experts are not as optimistic for the season.

“The Orioles will finish in fifth place, dead last in the AL East. DON’T EMAIL ME. But you can’t tell me that you’re supremely confident in a rotation that currently features Wade Miley in the middle, Ubaldo Jimenez toward the back, and Mike Wright as the first line of defense in case something happens to the top of the rotation,” wrote Grant Brisbee, an MLB writer for SBNation.com.

According to a baseball simulator from Fivethirtyeight.com, “The Orioles have a 29% of making it to the playoffs and 2% chance of winning the World series,” a stat that many Orioles fans probably do not want to hear at all. The simulator does, however, have the Chicago Cubs at a 22% chance of winning the World Series again.

Other sources have a different outcome as far as the 2017 World Series winner goes.

“A Nationals-Red Sox World Series would have all the makings of a classic. The Washington and Boston lineups are characterized by star power and depth. Sounds like the kind of series destined to go the distance and be determined by lucky breaks,” wrote Zachary D. Rymer, an MLB leader writer.

Regardless of the World Series predictions, the upcoming baseball season appears quite promising. Hopefully the season remains this exciting as it actually progresses.

Father Time Wins Again as Third Quarter Closes

At the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, the 3rd quarter marking period came to a close on Friday, March 31st, and some students definitely were not ready for it to end.

Monday, April 3rd, marks the final quarter before the school year ends and students are dismissed for the exciting summer break.

That old saying, “We always have too much to do and never enough time to do it” seems to always hold true. That holds true at Boys’ Latin whenever the quarter is close to ending.

The views on the quarter coming to an end were varied.

“Wow, I better turn in my APES [Advanced Placement Environmental Science] study guides before I fail the class,” said Brian Oguike, a senior. “I’m just trying to get my APES grade up because I know it is very low,” said Oguike later on.

The senior and freshman responses did not match in their perspectives on the topic.

“I did not know the quarter ended Friday. That’s pretty crazy; oh well,” said Will Alokones, a freshman. “I got a 70 in History and was hoping to get that up but that’s  unlikely so that’s whatever,” said Alokones.

The fact that the freshman, Alokones, is less affected by the end of the marking period is unusual. It seems as though the freshmen are always the ones scrambling to turn in every assignment at the last minute.

This is as opposed to the seniors who are nonchalant and have already caught the killer illness known as “Senioritis.” The senior is in danger of failing a class and trying to be diligent. He is completely dodging the stereotype.

Most students are not at all excited to be in school longer than they have to. Therefore, knowing the end is approaching, the responses were what was to be expected.

“I will get a break from work. Senior year has been so much consistent work it is annoying. It will be good to have a break, ” said Oguike.

“I’m looking forward to the summer, not having to deal with History. I’m excited about getting new teachers and having new classes,” said Alokones.

The seniors’ last day in high school is May 12th. After that, they depart for their two-week internship. This means they have even less time on Lake Avenue and time is really of the essence for them.

“It is pretty crazy to hear our time is ending. We have gotten to the point where I am constantly looking back at the school year and reminiscing. It feels like just yesterday I was in fifth grade across the street, ” said Oguike.

“Everyone says it as a senior, and while we were in the stands as freshmen, they would tell you ‘Enjoy your time here at Lake Avenue because it goes quickly.’ After that,  I remembered thinking to myself, ‘It’s not gonna go that fast.’ It has been really crazy knowing that all this time has passed me by. It feels like literally just yesterday I was a freshman here looking for someone to be my friend. I will try to appreciate what I have left,” says JP Woodward, a senior at Boys’ Latin as well.

With all that said, “Father Time” remains undefeated in his battle against humanity.

“Get Out” Stuns Theaters in First Two Weeks

“Get Out,” a movie about a girl bringing her boyfriend to meet her parents for a weekend that “he will never forget,” hit movie theaters across the United States on February 24th and has been the talk of the country since.

This movie was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and first huge movie success. Jordan Peele is a comedian who is most known for his “Key & Peele” skits with his partner Keegan-Michael Key. Many people were shocked and confused that he was directing a movie in a genre outside of his comedic background.

The first weekend that this movie came out was when it really accumulated all of its recognition.

“Jordan Peele, age 38, ‘Shocks the World’; his directorial debut movie ‘Get Out’ earns an incredible $30.5 million dollars, in just three days! On top of that, it only cost $4.5 million dollars to make. Movie critics and analysts were shocked by a novice black director with relatively unknown lead characters is the current number one movie at the box office,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“The same night ‘Moonlight’ won Best Picture, ‘Get Out’ ended its fruitful theatrical debut with $33.4 million in North American grosses, surpassing forecasts that estimated a $28 million opening. Jordan Peele’s horror film is expected to net another $26 million this go around, remarkable for a genre known for steep second-weekend revenue declines,” according to Matthew Jacobs, a lead writer for the Huffington Post.

On top of the fact that Peele’s movie made so much of a profit on its first weekend, it also had no well-recognized actors. The main characters named Chris and Rose are played by Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. These two actors were only in supporting actor roles, if that, in the previous movies they had appeared in.

“My favorite character is Rodney because he doesn’t give in. He is not as dumb as Chris. Rodney does not give in to her [Rose] advances,” said Will Alokones, a Boys’ Latin freshman who saw the movie.

In the movie, Rodney is played by actor Lil Rel Howery who, besides the “Carmichael Show”, had never really played a significant role in anything else. The internet has been raving about Rodney as a character and this being a breakout role for Howery.

The movie even got a 99% on “Rotten Tomatoes,” which is one of the most trusted movie critic websites on the Internet. That means “Get Out” was liked by more movie critics than movies like “Up,” “King Kong,” “Toy Story,” “La la Land,” “ET,” and some other award-winning  films.

“Blending race-savvy satire with horror to especially potent effect, this bombshell social critique from first-time director Jordan Peele proves positively fearless,” wrote Peter Debruge, the Chief International Film Critic for Variety.com.

Movie critics are normally always sticklers. The movie critiqued normally has to be the creme de la crop. This is another sign that this movie is a must see.

“I would rate the movie about a 10; one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. There was a lot of comedy even though it was a horror movie. On top of that, the audience I saw it with was funny too because they would yell and scream and stuff,” said Alokones.

Week In Pictures: Mr. Bowling is Remembered

Bowling Week In Pictures

Mr. John G. Bowling’s memorial was this past weekend, and Boys’ Latin paid tribute to him as well on the bulletin board in the Williams’s Hall main hallway.

This Week in Pictures: Mrs. Cobb’s Class Extracts DNA

Mrs. Cobb teaches her Forensics G-block class how to extract DNA from a strawberry using very simple tools.



Highly Anticipated BAC Dance Finally Comes Around

The BAC dance, an annual dance at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore for black students, finally came on February 11th from 8-11 pm which was the highlight of the month of February for many students.

Independent schools from the area were all invited to come to the event, including Boys’ Latin, Roland Park Country, Bryn Mawr, Gilman, St. Paul’s School for Girls and Boys, Calvert Hall, and Institute of Notre Dame, just to name a few. In total, there were about 25 or so independent schools invited with over 300 people combined.

The Black Alliance Club at Roland Park has hosted these dances for the last two years in an effort to group black students from independent schools in the area and to provide a night of fun.

Many students from Boys’ Latin went to the dance and had many positive reactions they wanted to share about the dance.

“The music wasn’t too bad either but I liked the female part the most,” said Matt Thomas, a sophomore at Boys’ Latin.

“[It was great to be in] an environment where the black community can come together and have a fun time together [and] listen to some good music with a good DJ during the stressful school year,” said Jaylin Andrews, a junior at Boys’ Latin.

With all of the fun and pleasure that came out of the night, there was an event that shut the dance down prematurely; a fight broke out between some students at rival schools.

“I felt that a fight was bound to happen; too many new schools invited. The atmosphere was much different from previous years with much more hostility. I could feel it as I walked in the room and when I left the door,” said Trey Lonte Gaither, a senior at Boys’ Latin and co-leader of the BAC dance.

“I felt embarrassed because we shouldn’t have been doing that,” said Thomas.
Although the night was cut short, overall the students had quite a good time.

“I would rate the dance at about an 8; they need air conditioning because the gym was hot and people got sweaty which made the whole gym funky,” said Andrews.

“I would rate the dance at like a 7; the music was actually pretty good but if we could have stayed the entire time to listen to the DJ that would have been better. He started to play much better music towards the end,” sad Gaither.