Boys’ Latin Tennis Loses First Match

Last Tuesday, April 4th, the Boys’ Latin tennis team traveled up Charles Street to Loyola Blakefield to compete in their first match of the season.

A few weeks ago, leading up to the match, star tennis player Griffin McShane tore his ACL and will be out for the entire season.

Despite losing the senior leader due to injury, the season must go on. “It’s not a complete season ruiner but it definitely hurts. We have guys that can step up in his place, but his experience starting for the past two years is unmatched,” said senior captain Jimmy Magee.

Although the Lakers lost an important player, the match was still extremely close. The final score was 3-2 with Loyola winning. Magee said that it was a tough match with wins at 1 singles and 1 doubles, but in the third set of the deciding match, the Lakers lost.

“We played well, [senior] Logan McWilliams and I won our match and Jimmy won his match, but we lost as a whole,” said Ryan Stellman, who is also a senior on the tennis team.

Stellman also included how tight-knit the team is this season. They all wear matching head bands in practices and games.

Even though the Lakers came up short during this match, junior star David Ullrich is not worried at all for the rest of the season. Ullrich believes that if it was not their first match, they would have won. Overall, Ullrich seems very excited for the rest of the season.

Magee is also not worried about moving forward. Magee said, “Moving forward, our team is only going to get better with experience and match play. We have the chance to be a real title contender.”

The senior-led tennis team at Boys’ Latin has been together for over two years now, and they are ready to leave Lake Ave with a championship. The Lakers have a big one coming up and need support as they travel to St. Paul’s to play against the Crusaders. Go watch the seniors as they lead their team to the championship.

U.S. Airline Electronic Ban: What To Know

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, U.S. officials ordered 10 airports in eight countries to ban all electronics besides hand-held cellphones. All electronics except for cellphones can no longer be carried onto a flight.


Hand-held cellphones are the only electronics allowed to be carried onto flights.

Now, electronics such as “laptops, tablets, game consoles, cameras and portable DVD players must be put into passenger’s checked baggage” reported


The list of the airports and countries with the electronics ban reported by the Washington Post.

The nine impacted airlines that are U.S. bound coming out of eight Muslim majority countries are Royal Jordanian, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Saudia, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways. In total, these airlines operate about 50 direct flights to the U.S. every day.

Airlines had until this past weekend to comply with the new ban, and if they did not comply, “We will work with the FAA to pull their certificate and they will not be allowed to fly to the United States,” a senior U.S. official told CNN.

CNN explained the reason for the ban is that “U.S. officials say the move is a response to fears that terrorist groups may target passenger planes by smuggling explosive devices in electronic devices. One official said there’s no specific plot that authorities are aware of, but the U.S. has been considering such a ban for some time.”


A bomb hidden in a video camera.

The Department of Homeland Security explained in an article on that intelligence obtained in recent weeks found that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was perfecting techniques for hiding explosives in batteries and battery compartments, according to a U.S. official. Intelligence also shows growing capability and threats from al Qaeda in Syria, ISIS and Al Shabaab. So, the ban is just for safety precautions.

Overall, there should be no reason to panic. If you get to the airport a little bit earlier than normal and lock all electronics away in checked luggage, you will be fine. On the entertainment side…most overseas flights provide entertainment for its passengers anyway, and if not…read a book!

Week in Pictures: March Madness Bracket in Student Center


After last night’s games, the bracket is looking crazy with the major upset of number 11, Xavier beating number 2, Arizona in the sweet 16.

This Week in Pictures: Cast Of Spring Play,”Among Friends and Clutter”

play pic among friends and clutter 2

Picture of the senior directed play, “Among Friends and Clutter” entire cast on the last night of the play.

Boys’ Latin Pulls Off Impressive Win Over St. Paul’s

On Monday, March 6th, the baseball team on Lake Ave. left school around 2:30 pm to travel to St. Paul’s for their first baseball game. At St. Paul’s, both teams competed in five and a half innings before it got too dark.

Even though the senior-led baseball team at Boys’ Latin is in the MIAA B conference, they beat archrival St. Paul’s 14-1 who is in the MIAA A conference.

Senior pitcher Zach Grace started the game and threw a total of 50 pitches while only allowing one run and two hits. On the offensive side, senior catcher Matt Purnell led the team in hits with three and three RBIs.

The B conference Lakers were not intimidated at all by the A conference Crusaders.

“We definitely played well. We went into the game very confident, which was different than we had done in previous years,” said senior Captain Mark Lopez.

“When playing A conference teams, it is easy to go into the game timid and a little nervous. However, after winning the B conference and having a lot of guys return, we played hungry and with a swagger that we haven’t played with in years past. This was a great start to the season and we expect to keep it going,” Lopez added.

Lopez is very pleased with his team’s first performance. And with the confidence they have, Lopez expects to do extremely well this season.

Since Boys’ Latin won the B conference championship last season, a few people were worried they were not going to be as good this season, but that is false.

“I think the two teams are similar, but I think this year’s team has the drive to get to the top from the beginning and stay there,” sophomore first baseman Sam Grace explained. Grace started on the championship team last season as a freshman, and he believes that the team has the possibility to be even more successful this season because of their grit.

By reason of Zach Grace throwing 50 pitches, and the team playing extremely well, rookie pitcher David Robinson got the chance to make his varsity baseball debut. Robinson threw a total of 18 pitches while only racking up one hit. In Robinson’s first game ever, he was playing like a veteran.

Although Robinson played very well and helped lead the team to victory, he was extremely nervous to go out and play.

“It felt great to be able to help the team come out with a huge victory against our rival St. Paul’s,” Robinson explained. “I was very nervous at first, being that it was my first game on varsity. My teammates did a great job of calming me down before my appearance, which led me to be more successful,” Robinson added.

It seems as though Robinson is really enjoying the varsity experience and all of his teammates are taking him under their wings.

It seems like senior outfielder Desmond Banks had an interesting day, being that his first at bat resulted in getting a pitch to the head.

On Banks’ first at bat, the St. Paul’s pitcher threw a curve ball that hit Banks’ right in the head. Other than losing his composer, Banks’ shook it off and took his walk to first base.

“It really did not hurt that bad; it happened so fast that I did not even feel it until I was on first base, then my head started ringing a little. Other than that, I was fine,” Banks explained.

Overall, the game went remarkably well. Marquise Washington, a senior outfielder, mentioned that he thinks the team will have a successful season. Washington believes that the Lakers should go undefeated in conference play and have a good chance of winning the title again. Lastly, Washington mentioned that they have a good group of seniors leading the way that are very excited for their last year on Lake Ave.

It seems as though the first game went very well and the team is excited for the rest of the season.

Come out and support the Boys’ Latin Lakers as they continue their journey to the MIAA B conference championship for their second year in a row.

Boys’ Latin Squash Goes to Nationals

On Friday, February 10th, the Boys’ Latin squash team left the Gelstan Athletic Center early in the morning to go to Hartford, Connecticut for nationals. At Wesleyan University, the team competed alongside 111 other male squash teams to see who was the best.

The senior led squash team at Boy’s Latin consisted of ten seniors while the team only had twelve kids on it.

“We played… ehh,” senior squash player Cooper Nalley said. Nalley explained that even though they placed third in division five and fourth in their league, he thought they could have performed better.

After speaking with senior co-captain Griffin McShane, the logistics of the trip seemed to be pretty bad.

“We left Friday morning on a cramped, small twelve person van up to Connecticut for a seven hour drive with some stops. Then… after nationals, we left Sunday morning while some of us flew home,” McShane stated.

It seems as though the Boys’ Latin squash team did not have the experience that they hoped for, but after speaking with senior co-captain Jimmy Magee, not all of it was bad.

Magee’s father is the coach, and he has played with his father for many years. Magee’s final remark about his squash career was, “I am going to miss the memories with my teammates and dad, but it was time for squash to end. Squash made me excited for tennis.”

Overall, it seems as though the senior leaders were ready for their long, treacherous season to end.

This Week In Pictures: Inkwell Finishing Up February Article

Inkwell finishes up article number two while enjoying a nice dress down day.