This Week In Pictures: Honors Assembly

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.40.59 AM

The Upper School gathered in the GAC in the other day for the Annual Academic Honors Assembly. Students were honored with awards in all academic classes.

Maisel Sets Date for Grand Opening of Military Museum

Mr. Maisel’s U.S. Military Museum is set to make its grand opening on April 26th, 2017. The Museum is located in the Upper School next to the Student Commons. The museum will showcase exhibits with every aspect of the military through all of the wars in American history.

Empty Case

Cases of the early wars during construction.

Mr. Maisel is especially excited to unveil his collection of military pieces to the entire school. “I’ve had this idea for 20 years,” Mr. Maisel started. “I’ve had this huge collection forever. I thought why not have it all in one place and everyone can use it.”

Mr. Maisel described the process of the construction of the museum as “complicated” based on all of the moving parts and the many roles being played in the construction. However, the progress of the museum has spread throughout the entire Upper School, and many students are looking forward to the grand opening.

Each case has a mannequin with the uniform, weapon, equipment, rations, etc. from each war in American history. Some cases will even feature BL students who have served in those wars.

Of course, Mr. Maisel wasn’t alone in the making of this museum. Seniors Garrett Dreiband and Garrett Glaeser are currently helping Mr. Maisel with a sound system for each of the display cases in the museum.

“For each case, we’ve bought one audio system and with that, we are able to put an audio file on a chip that we can play on a speaker. When you press the button, the speaker will share a story about the person in the case,” said Garrett Dreiband.

Filled Case

Cases of the early years with dressed mannequins.

This wasn’t an easy task, either. Dreiband and Glaeser had to go out and buy a sound system on their own since they were creating the system for their LAUNCH project.

“We had to research many companies to find an audio system. Luckily, we found a UK based company that sold at a good price and sent us over everything we needed,” Garrett Glaeser stated.

Dreiband and Glaeser are currently finishing the voice overs for the speakers and should be ready to go for the grand opening.

Now that the date for the opening is coming along, Mr. Maisel cannot wait to see what the students take out of this new addition to BL.

“I hope that people realize that this museum is about people. That’s my whole message. It’s not about cool mannequins with guns and that sort of thing. It’s about the story behind the mannequin and the story behind the artifacts. I want people to come away with what war is like, the experience of it with BL, and all of the personal stories involved with it,” Mr. Maisel expressed.

Filled Case 2

Soldiers from the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. 

Many students eagerly await the final construction of the museum and can’t wait to see the incredible military display that Mr. Maisel will unveil.

“I think the museum will be a good way to reflect because we always have Memorial Day services and Veterans Day services. I think having it year round will remind those in our community the sacrifices others our community have made for us,” Dreiband said about the impact of the museum on BL.

Chris Maisel, Mr. Maisel’s son, will be the head curator of the museum when it opens April 26th.

This Week In Pictures: Another Round of Senior Speakers Comes and Goes

Senior Speeches

Senior Speakers Ryan Stellmann, John Kunisch, Robert Fite, and our own Brian Oguike are mobbed by their fellow seniors after their speeches. Senior Speeches finish up in April, which means another year of memorable speeches will be concluded.

USA, Puerto Rico Travel Road to the WBC Championship

From March 6th to March 22nd, the 4th Annual World Baseball Classic took place in four countries around the globe. The road to the championship saw many surprising and exciting moments that led to a dramatic finish. The way the tournament is shaped up is the first and second rounds are round robin games with the teams in their pools with the top two teams from each pool moving on until the single elimination games in the semifinals.

Puerto Rico and the United States would both advance to the second round pool and meet in a round robin game. Puerto Rico would edge out the United States 6-5 and take first place in the pool.

After the loss to Puerto Rico, the United States needed to beat a red hot Dominican Republic to make it to the semifinal game in Los Angeles.

A home run by Giancarlo Stanton and an over-the-wall catch by Adam Jones would be key plays to the United States victory over the defending champions. According to Sports Illustrated, the United States played their best game of the classic and deserved to be in the semifinals.

The United States’ next challenge would be undefeated Japan in their semifinal game. All eyes were on the United States as this proved to be the make it or break it game for them. The United States would walk away with a stunning 2-1 win over the Japanese and would head to the championship game for the first time since the creation of the classic.

According to Sports Illustrated, the two runs that USA scored atoned to more luck than skill. A failed attempt to field a ground ball cleanly by Japan’s third baseman gave the United States a one-run lead to end the game.

Puerto Rico would also play a tough semifinal game against the Netherlands. The Netherlands kept the game close, but Puerto Rico would barely get past them, winning the game 4-3. Puerto Rico would set up another meeting between the United States.

During the tournament, the Puerto Rico team felt the need to bring the entire country with them. To show this connection between the players and their country, each player dyed his hair blonde. The idea was to bring their own unique aspect to the classic to show that the team played for each other and their country.

According to, third baseman Carlos Correa said the purpose of the hair was to unify the country. “There were no crimes, there were no assassinations back home while we were playing in this classic,” Correa said. “Everybody was dyeing their hair blond, so we had our whole nation behind us that is going through tough times right now.”

The United States was looking for revenge in the championship and got what they came for. They stunned Puerto Rico and shut them out 8-0. This was the first WBC Championship the United States ever won.

According to, United States outfielders Adam Jones and Andrew McCutchen were not too happy when they heard rumors of Puerto Rico’s pre-celebratory plans.

“‘It didn’t sit well,’” Andrew McCutchen said. “‘We heard and we saw t-shirts were made and printed out for the Puerto Rican team. We even heard a flight was made for them for that parade because they said they were going to win. That ignited us, we were ready to go, and we showed that tonight.’”

“‘That didn’t sit well with us, so we did what we had to do,’” Jones said.

However, the players for Puerto Rico would reject these accusations saying they didn’t hear of any t-shirts being made up. No matter the outcome, the plane ride would be celebratory because the team brought the country together.

There was some comparison to the WBC Championship and to the MLB World Series. According to USA Today, many Puerto Rican players said the WBC Championship was a much more memorable experience.

Kike Hernandez decided to play for the Puerto Rico team rather than tryout for the Dodgers because he would rather play for his country.

“To be in this Classic, there’s no comparison with the experience of being in the Major Leagues,” said Hernandez.

This Week in Pictures: Lacrosse Takes Down Fallston

Jake Glatz

The Boys’ Latin lacrosse team improved to 3-1 against Fallston yesterday. After a slow start, the team was able to pull away with a win 13-7. Jake Glatz and Bryce Gothier led the way by winning almost every faceoff.

The team plays Gonzaga this Friday.

89th Academy Awards Becomes One to Remember

On Tuesday, February 26th, 2017, actors, directors, cinematographers, and any other member of the film industry gathered in Dolby Theatre located in Hollywood, CA for the 89th Academy Awards.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards ceremony that concluded the film year for 2016. Kimmel brought his hilarious antics to the stage with his entertaining skits and his roasts towards Donald Trump. Matt Damon also took part in the show and renewed the feud of Damon vs. Kimmel.

As many figured going into the Oscars, ‘La La Land’ won a good amount of Oscars, walking away with five awards out of the 14 they were nominated for. This tied the number of Academy Award nominations as ‘Titanic’ and ‘All About Eve’.

The biggest moment of the night for ‘La La Land’ was the card mix up for Best Picture. A little past midnight, the presenters for Best Picture announced that ‘La La Land’ had won the award. However, it was revealed that ‘Moonlight’ had actually won the Oscar for Best Picture.

According to Variety, the card mix-up was “one of the most equalizing and wonderful moments in Oscars history.” ‘La La Land’ then shared the stage with the members of ‘Moonlight’ and created a warm, heartfelt moment in the Oscars.

Diversity was represented as a huge factor for the Oscars this year after coming off a controversial awards show last year.

Last year, the LA Times wrote many small articles that pertained to the lack of diversity in the categories for each award which started the #OscarsSoWhite argument. Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs addressed the situation at the annual Oscar Luncheon last year to all who attended the awards show.

“This year, we all know there’s an elephant in the room. I have asked the elephant to leave,” said Cheryl Boone Isaacs.

This year would be different as almost all nominations included a non-white nominee. Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali, and ‘Moonlight’ would headline this historic change. They would walk away with awards such as Best Supporting Actress and Actor and even Best Picture.

Casey Affleck won the Academy Award for Best Lead Actor for his role in ‘Manchester by the Sea’, but an article on his sexual harassment allegations from the Wesleyan University newspaper overshadowed his great accomplishment. According to the Huffington Post, the article slams Affleck about the claims, but the article was described as a “tangle of illogic, misinformation and flat-out slander.” Director Kenneth Lonergan, who’s an alum of Wesleyan, defended Affleck on the incident.


Lakers Lose Heartbreaker to Mt. Carmel

The Lakers traveled to Essex, Maryland to play Mt. Carmel in the first round of the MIAA A Conference Basketball Playoffs. The Lakers lost a heartbreaker in overtime and finished their season with a 19-12 overall record while finishing at 8-8 in the A conference.

Unfortunately, a late three-pointer in overtime put Mt. Carmel over the Lakers 74-71.

“I was definitely disappointed,” Connor Walsh started, “but stuff like that happens all the time in sports. They hit a huge shot, and you have to give props to them. We played hard but just couldn’t come away with the victory.”



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A pair of turnovers by the Lakers led Mt. Carmel to tie the game to go into overtime. The energy the Lakers had going into the game quickly diminished, and the Lakers fell short of reaching the semi-finals of the A conference.


“It was back and forth the whole game. We were up by five until the two turnovers that led to overtime. We kind of lost hope and faded in the overtime period. Overall, we played a hard fought game,” Brandon Bradsher said.

This was the first time the Lakers reached the A conference playoffs only being in the conference for two years. The Lakers made great strides this year beating teams like Loyola and Calvert Hall, both of whom beat the Lakers last season.

Coaches were especially proud of the leadership of point guard Brandon B
radsher, who was able to the lead the team to a successful season. Brandon was able to connect with each player on an emotional level and made the team feel like a family.

“His [Brandon] ability to guide the rest of the team in the right direction and to be able to connect with each one of them was an amazing help to the team. His personality and attitude were

infectious, and he was able to talk with the players when us coaches couldn’t reach them,” Coach Morrissey stated.


Bradsher became the eighth member of the 1,000-point club when he drained a 3-pointer from the corner of the court against Archbishop Curley. “Honestly, when I reached it, it brought me back to freshman year all the way to senior year. It showed me not only how much I’ve developed as a player, but a human being. I’ll always remember that moment, and I’m proud to be part of a legacy like that,” Bradsher said.

Many surprises came out of this year especially junior Connor Walsh who lit up the scoreboard for the Lakers in his first year at BL. Connor felt deeply saddened by the outcome of the game against Mt. Carmel but was grateful for the opportunity basketball presented him at BL.

“Playing this year I think was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to grow close with everyone, and it really felt like a brotherhood and a team. Coach Rees, Morrissey, and Delonde were so supportive and amazing. I had a great time and am just thankful to be here,” Walsh expressed.