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Ethan Carhuapoma

Schools open to early

As more in-depth studies have come out pointing towards students needing more sleep, schools have begun to push back their opening time into later hours of the morning. Students have long complained about having to wake up too early for school. In a recent study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it is stated that students need to “regularly sleep 8 to 10 hours per day for good health.” According to the study, side effects from not getting enough sleep range from a poor performance in school to depression. These studies have set up a lot of evidence in favor of having school start later to give students more sleep, however, there are more parties involved in this change.

Taking Phones Away Hurts Students In the Long Run

Over the past several years at BL, teachers have become much more strict about their policies regarding cell phones in the classroom. When I was a freshman four years ago, there were never as many guidelines and restrictions as there are today. Sure, there were a few classes where teachers required us to put all our phones into a bin or onto a table, but it was never as widely enforced as it is today.