Winter Is Here

HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones has finally returned for its final season after a two-year waiting period. GOT first aired on April 17, 2011 and has since gained millions of followers. Both faculty and students at Boys’ Latin follow the show, and predictions and theories about the newest season have been talked about since 2017. Students and faculty often participate in “watch parties”, where somebody will host a viewing of the new episode and have his/her friends, classmates, co-workers, or family over to watch the new episode.

Math Department Head Ms. Mullally has recently gotten into the show. “I enjoy the characters and plot twists,” said Mullally. GOT is most well-known for it’s crazy plot twists, which often include the death of a beloved character, or can be more complex such as somebody finding their true identity, as we have seen in the new season. Plot twists also include new characters meeting for the first time, or characters who haven’t seen each other finally meeting up. So far in season 8, there has been a mix between friendly and awkward reunions between the characters. “The episodes that I’ve seen so far seem like they’re leading towards something special,” said Mullally. Many of the more involved fans of GOT know that there will be a battle scene in the third episode. An executive at the GOT headquarters revealed that in an interview for inverse, along with the fact that it would be the longest battle scene recorded in film and TV history. The early episodes of the new season are preparing for the battle. Now that the episode has aired, fans have mixed emotions about the battle of Winterfell. Although the war was epic, not many main characters’ lives were lost, and some found the battle difficult to see with it being very dark.

The first two episodes of the new season already finished all of the reunions. In season 7, many of the characters were isolated from their friends and family, but season 8 has brought all the characters back together. Some characters have not seen each other since season 1, but are finally now  meeting up in season 8. The GOT following has gained numbers in the millions since it began in 2011. Not to mention, the first episode of season 8 reeled in 17.4 million viewers. This broke the record for GOT, with the season finale of season 7 having 16.9 million viewers.

Senior Luke Galloway, along with myself, have been avid supporters of the show throughout every season. “I had constant anticipation during the two-year wait. All I could think about was what was gonna happen next and trying to predict the last season,” said Galloway. Luke, along with myself and others, have been patiently waiting two years for the return of our favorite show. Now that GOT is finally back, all of our questions will soon be answered. Luke and myself both fell in love with the character development and plot. The show has never been predictable, which is what makes predicting the new season so difficult. While I will keep my personal predictions to myself, I strongly believe that my knowledge of the show throughout the years will come into play with the final season, and my predictions will hopefully turn out to be true. Knowing the show so well, however, also gives credence to the fact that I have no idea what will truly happen and that, above all else, anything can happen. Winter is here and everybody must adapt.

Photo via Time Magazine