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Class of 2019 Prepares For Farewell Tradition

Boys’ Latin is definitely school of traditions, and Senior Farewell is a day for students and faculty to say their goodbyes to the Senior class, but also to see them together one last time at Boys’ Latin. “Senior Farewell has been a tradition at Boys’ Latin since 1999,” said Math Department Head Mrs. Mullally, and we will have our twentieth year of Senior Farewell in less than a month, making their last days at BL a reality for seniors and the rest of the community.

Senior Farewell is really the last moment that the upper school is together. Most underclassmen will not see their Senior classmates outside of school often which is why it can be a sad day. “You will see them here and there, however this is a farewell to all of your friends who are leaving for college,” said Junior Jake Nichols.

The day of Senior Farewell starts in the Iglehart as an entire community together for Closing Convocation. The Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School are all in attendance to listen to Mr. Post speak for one last time for the year. Awards are given to students and faculty for their time at BL. After this assembly, the Lower and Middle Schools go back to their normal days, and the Upper School has one last time together in the GAC. Speeches are given about the Senior class from the faculty. Memories and cherished times are talked about making it one more fun and special last moment. Next, the seniors introduce themselves, say where they will be attending college in the fall, and where they will be doing their internships. Finally, the seniors are dismissed to put on their Senior Farewell shirts, and the rest of the Upper School lines up around the GAC to say their goodbyes.

Senior Farewell impacts a lot of the community, but the biggest impact is on the seniors. For one last time they will be together as a class (until graduation day), making it a bitter, but joyful day. “I think it’s going to be worse this year. it’s going to be really tough to say goodbye to my friends knowing I’m not going to be with them next year,” said Senior Winston Chodnicki. Seniors are having to prepare for the different emotions because for the past three years they haven’t experienced what previous Seniors have. “Senior Farewell is very different for me because I will be leaving this time so I don’t know how to feel about it. It’s good and bad at the same time,” said Senior Cam Watts. The day will continue to be an emotional one in a good way because the Seniors will forever be remembered for their time at BL, but also sad because they will be missed by their peers.

Senior Farewell has been around for two decades now, and is a valuable day in the community at BL. Boys’ Latin always emphasizes the brotherhood that is in the community. Senior Farewell is one of the best days to show how much people mean to each other and what the true definition of brotherhood is.
Photo via Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

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