Boys’ Latin Celebrates Homecoming In Its 175th Year


On May 4th, 2019, the Boys’ Latin School will host their annual Homecoming. The homecoming is a day of celebration and reconnecting. It brings alumni, parents, and students alike to BL for the day. There is a luncheon for the Alumni, athletic events, and a cocktail party after the lacrosse game. This year’s athletic event will be Boys’ Latin vs. Gilman in Varsity Lacrosse on the lower turf at 3pm. Typically Homecoming is the day of the last home lacrosse game for the regular season, usually placing it on a Friday or Tuesday in May. However since it is the 175th anniversary of Boys’ Latin, the school decided it would be better suited to take place on a Saturday.

It takes a lot of planning and coordination to get the whole day set up and ready to go. For about six months, the Alumni and Development staff plan and put together the day and make sure everything is perfect. Although the day is geared toward alumni, it is also pretty special for current students and athletes. “I love playing in front of a huge crowd. I think it makes the whole team have great energy and more excitement,” said junior lacrosse player Brendan Grimes. Every year at homecoming there isn’t an open seat or standing area in the whole stadium, whether the team is playing Gilman or St. Paul’s. “The atmosphere of the game is just amazing, somewhere you really want to play,” said Grimes. There are so many important people there some say it can put extra pressure on the players not to mess up and to win the game. “I feel like there can be some pressure at times, but I think the energy of the team picks each other up and creates a lot of momentum that we don’t even have to worry so much about the pressure,” said Grimes.

Homecoming is a special day, not only for Alumni and Students, but the school as a whole. “Homecoming brings people back.. And when people feel good about things they wanna get involved,” said Director of Alumni Relations Mac Kennedy. According to Kennedy, when guys get back on campus they remember all the memories they made with their buddies, whether that be on the lacrosse field, in the classroom, in the robotics lab—whatever it might be.

Middle School Science Teacher and former head lacrosse coach Bobby Shriver has experienced homecoming as a student, coach, and alumni. “They celebrate the classes in 5 year increments. The class of 1969 is celebrating their 50th year anniversary and guess what year I graduated? 1969,” said Shriver. Not only was Coach Shriver a coach, but he was also a student at BL. “In my position I see not just friends but guys who have played for me or went to school here. I mean, I’ve been working here for 40 years,” he said.

The day is also a big celebration in the community and it makes the alumni reminisce on their times at BL and make them want to get involved in some way. Whether that be volunteering their time or donating, in some way they will get involved and try to make a difference at the place that made a difference for them.

Photo via Boys’ Latin

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