Upper School Torn Over Biscuit Ban

Since the winter of 2014, the Junior class has been attempting to raise money by doing concession sales at sporting events and selling Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits on Friday mornings. Students have looked forward to eating chicken biscuits on Friday mornings for years up until the spring of 2019, when they were banned because of the continuous messes that students were creating while eating the biscuits.

Teachers noticed the dirtiness in the hallways weekly, and some initiative was taken regarding the messy chicken biscuits. Junior leaders, including the leader of the chicken biscuit sales junior Cole Erickson tried early on to halt the problem.

“Myself and the junior class officer team discussed with Mr. Howard about ways in which we could work on the mess. We passed out napkins, we walked the hallways, but yet the mess continued to occur,” said Erickson.

Math Department Head Ms. Mullally began to see the dirty hallways early in the school year.

“I know it is a popular thing for the Lakers to enjoy and I began to notice early this year,” said Mullally. “I counted eight messes from the front door to my classroom in one day and I felt that we needed to make an effort to fix the problem.”

One day, Ms. Mullally noticed some disarray near where some freshmen usually hang out, and decided to try and turn the problem around.

“I approached the freshman grade dean, Mr. McDonald to get the freshmen to help clean up because the messes were primarily around where the freshmen hang out, but that same day, while I was walking to my classroom, I saw a kid eating his sandwich and in the process of making a mess,” said Ms. Mullally.

Unfortunately, in the wake of trying to solve the chicken biscuit problem, the program was ended. The students looked like they were making progress regarding the messes, but they continued which led to the termination of the sales.

Even though the chicken biscuits are banned at the moment, Cole thinks they could still make a comeback.

“The chicken biscuits can definitely make a return, but students need to understand that they can’t make a mess because we are given this opportunity to enjoy the biscuits,” said Erickson. “When we make a mess, we can’t have them.”

Dean of Students Mr. Howard says the problem can be handled, but it got to a point where he did not want it to go.

“I think it would be a good idea to make a promotional video like last year to bring attention to the problem,” said Mr. Howard.

After Mr. Howard’s suggestion, the Junior class decided to make a video about cleaning up after eating a chicken biscuit.

Freshman Peter Makris thinks that each class should take turns cleaning up every friday after the biscuits are sold.

“I believe that if a student is seen not keeping their space clean, the whole class that that student is from suffers from not buying biscuits,” said Makris.

Fortunately, for the sake of the entire student body, the chicken biscuits have returned. Hopefully the students will be more careful about cleaning up after themselves in the future.

Photo via Chick-fil-a

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