Inkwell: Year In Review

12 writers. Countless hours spent on over 70 articles. What it boils down to is…who really cares? Why does Inkwell spend days on articles simply for them to collect digital dust? Some teachers do read what the boys produce, but only a select number of students even consider opening the website. The majority of the topics are relatively contained to the Boys’ Latin community. If Inkwell’s articles relate to our community as a whole, then the people of our community should be the ones reading them. To see who spends time viewing the articles, I sent a Google Form out the entire upper school. Out of the 47 responses I received, the near-60-40 split leaned more towards not reading. The other 40.4% said that they do. For the few that said yes, I then asked them to state their favorite article of this year. Some weren’t able to recall the exact article that they read, but I did see some shoutouts to writers Harold Loyd and Ethan Carhuapoma.

All of the articles are engaging, but some of the more interesting articles in my opinion include the piece about the Oscars, the article about Woodrow’s Bar-B-Que, and the article about paying attention in class. Some other articles may also pique your interests, such as the piece about the life cycle of anacondas by Jack Johnson and the article about how many windows are on campus by Lyle Ondefluer.

For some reason, the time of the day matches the utmost importance of a cow. Even though it’s normally completely oblivious it always stands up to the fly of the litter. We can change that. We can change the way that a house is built with wood. We can change how the board of directors sees geckos as primary protein sources. How many times do we need to ask for extreme BMX? Once? Fource? No more. Our time is now! We must rise and conquer our fears of the ocean’s depths! The music below sea level is rich in culture.

If you still happen to be reading this nonsensical babbling, I commend you. Since the beginning of this article, I have been performing a sort of “social experiment” to see who really commits to the Inkwell pieces. Congratulations! Since you have read this article, instead of throwing the newspaper away, I will gladly reward you. If you go out of your way to find me and point to the article on the paper, you’ll receive a Dum-Dum from my backpack. To whomever is still reading I honestly thank you. Thank you for sticking with us this year and for reading the pieces that we work hard on. We really appreciate it!


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