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Senior Kevin Davis Named Second Ever Black Lacrosse Captain at BL

  Senior Kevin Davis, is the second black lacrosse player to ever be elected Varsity Lacrosse Captain by his teammates here at BL in 90 years. Brandon Cherry was the first in 2012.

Head Coach Brian Farrell is proud of Kevin not just as lacrosse player, but also as a student and person. “He’s one of the nicest, most selfless kids you’ll ever meet,” said Farrell. Kevin is a strong leader and his teammates recognize his hard work on and off of the field. “He just kept working and grinding every single practice and the guys respect that,” said Farrell.

Davis made the varsity lacrosse team in the spring of his sophomore year. “I worked hard since my sophomore year to get better every year and I think it’s paid off,” said Kevin. He wanted to be a leader to people and he wanted help people not just on the field, but off the field as well. “I want to be able to lead my teammates to more than just winning.”

Lacrosse is a very popular sport—especially in Maryland—and Boys’ Latin is  a powerhouse for lacrosse in the state. The Boys’ Latin varsity lacrosse team is nationally ranked and is a team known all over the country. Because of their exposure nationally, they are sponsored by Under Armour as well. “Being captain is an honor, especially for the Boys Latin program,” said Davis.

Only 14.1 percent of college lacrosse players are black, that includes divisions I,II, and III, according to an article in The Washington Post.  According to New York Times, lacrosse has not historically been a popular sport in the black community for a variety of reasons, some financial and some cultural. Lacrosse is an expensive sport to play because of the equipment you have to buy–shaft, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves– whereas in other sports equipment is provided. Young black children are also more likely to play basketball or football because of the popularity of those sports in the black community. “I work for a company over the summer called Trilogy Lacrosse helping kids in the inner city with lacrosse,” said Coach Farrell. He participated in this because he feels it’s important to spread the game to people and wants to get more people playing. With lacrosse on the rise the percentage could drop in the future.

Junior Justin Waters, is a black lacrosse player on the varsity lacrosse team with Davis. He has been good friends with Davis since their childhood. Waters didn’t know that Davis was the only the second black captain of the lacrosse team and was surprised when he found out. He thinks that Davis is a good captain. “He is good at keeping it fun and serious when it need to be. He’s a good leader,” said Waters.


Photograph via Johnson Photography


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