Spring Break

Spring Break is a week during the middle of March every year that students and faculty look forward to because it can be a time for vacation, athletic trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach, and college visits. Spring Break at Boys’ Latin is always around the end of the third quarter which is why students and faculty are eager to get some time off.

At Boys’ Latin the lacrosse and baseball teams have a tradition of going to Florida and Myrtle Beach to play games over Spring Break. The lacrosse team travels to Deerfield Beach, Florida, and the baseball team travels to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This year the lacrosse team came home with two victories against Oxbridge Academy and Saint Andrews. The time spent in Florida is an opportunity for younger team members to interact with older team members. The lacrosse team usually plays a couple of games, then practices, and has team bonding activities, which is why it is an enjoyable tradition to look forward to. “The trip was not different, but new and different moments are made every trip which is why it’s enjoyable every year. No trip is the same because there is always different people,” said Senior Kevin Davis.

The Myrtle Beach trip has the same traditional feel as lacrosse. While most of the trip is about “business” it is also a time to bond and connect with guys who you don’t really know. While focusing on winning games is a key to the trip, it isn’t the only goal. “While we only finished 1-2, our games helped our young team (only 4 returning starters) gain comfort and confidence at the varsity level,” said Senior Eric Gazin. These two trips are not the usual Spring Breaks for people, but they are a time for bonding with friends and teammates which help lead to the team’s success throughout the year.

Students who did not have a sport to travel for also had time to spend over Spring Break. Some had college visits to look forward to and others used their time to relax and take some time away from school. “All of my family lives in Maryland, so I did not really travel to see them, but I did go to see some of my family in state,” said Senior Damon Spells. “I visited SMU for an admitted students day to see the campus for the first time,” said Senior Teddy Roebuck.

There are lots of options for how students and faculty spend their Spring Breaks, and whether it is vacationing, spending time with family, or visiting colleges, Spring Break gives time for people to get away from school for a little while and take their minds off of work.

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