Senior Privileges

     Due to the lack of rule following, senior dean Mr. Dagenais, along with the the faculty at Boys’ Latin, decided to take away the privileges of the seniors in early March. Senior privileges include off-campus lunch, and coming into and leaving school early when an individual has a free period at the beginning or end of the day. Every year at Boys’ latin, seniors are granted privileges which can be given and taken by the administration based on the seniors behavior.

     The senior class dean, Mr. Dagenais, oversees the class’ privileges. “We value the seniors being on campus,” said Dagenais. Although seniors may want their privileges quickly, the administration, as well as the other upper  school students, views the seniors as the leaders of the school. With the seniors not being there, younger students get less face time with the role models of the school. “The only thing that frustrates me is shadiness, when seniors don’t sign in and out.” After receiving their privileges, the seniors are also told about the rules which must follow. These rules include signing in and out when leaving for lunch or signing in when coming in late and signing out for leaving early. For the class of 2019 class, signing in and out the the cause of losing their privileges.

     Senior and student body president president, Blake Shepherd, tends to stay on campus despite having senior privileges, therefore making him unbiased towards the situation. “We need to finish the year off strong, and care for each other and the community as we’ve done all year,” said Shepherd. Blake believes that the key to privileges is caring about BL, and treating everyone in the community with respect. Ending the year strong is important for any senior class, as it leaves their legacy instilled in the other students, and losing a class’s privileges does not look responsible to other classes.

     Some seniors, however, were sad about the removal of their privileges. Senior Jack Sutton regularly uses privileges to come into school late and go out to lunch. “I started to think maybe we didn’t deserve them,” said Sutton. However, the senior class regained their privileges days after they were removed, due to good behavior. Having their privileges back also comes with being responsible and following the rules.


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