Senior Lifers on What’s to Come

What is a lifer? In Boys’ Latin terms, a lifer is anyone who’s been at BL since first grade or lower and has continued through high school. For some of us, change has been a distant stranger. For the past twelve or thirteen years, we have woken up and come to the same school with the same day to day routine. Now college is peeking right around the corner and we lifers will have to embrace the certain change that is about to enter our  lives.

Senior Ethan Carhuapoma has been at Boys’ Latin since Kindergarten. Every year since then, Ethan has been returning to campus ready for whatever’s in store for him. During his time at BL, Ethan has managed to rack up a number of achievements and accomplishments. From playing trumpet in the Jazz Workshop and Ensemble to being captain of the badminton team, Ethan really has made the most of his time here at BL. In just a few short months, he will be continuing his journey at Drexel University while pursuing a major in graphic design. For Ethan, this next step may take some getting used to. “It’s going to be weird to try to call another place home,” said Carhuapoma. He knows that the future is creeping up quickly. He knows he’s made memories of Boys’ Latin that he’ll never forget. “All of the games and student sections. All of the concerts. Maroon and White Day. I’ve had a lot of great memories here, and it’s going to be weird not having those things every year.” Even though Ethan is weary of the future, he still knows that this “next step” is imperitive for progress and success.  

Senior Logan Thomas has attended Boys’ Latin since Pre-First. In his journey through the different parts of campus, Logan has been been able to really absorb all that BL has to offer. From countless years on varsity soccer, squash, and tennis, he has certainly taken advantage of the extensive sports program that BL has. To top it all off, Logan also has dedicated his time and effort to sing in the choir throughout his high school career. Even though he’ll be leaving his friends and family, Logan still looks forward to what the future has to offer. As opposed to Ethan, Logan is ready and willing to face the certain change that is about to enter his life. “It’s scary, for sure, but it is also exciting.” said Thomas. Next year, Logan will be spending his days at St. Lawrence University up in New York, pursuing his passion for music. He will not only be singing, but he’ll also study the production aspect as well. “It’s a fresh start to go off somewhere new, but BL truly is a second home,” Logan said. As the days dwindle, Logan anticipates his fresh start off in a brand new location. He’s not only facing the change, but he’s embracing it. Welcoming it. Of course he’ll miss the campus that shaped him into the man that he’s become, but it will always be here when he gets back, and BL will be waiting with open arms.

I have been at Boys’ Latin since the Pre-First. I have worked my way through the lower and middle schools, but high school is really where I began to thrive. This year, specifically, I think I’ve truly been able to make the most of my Boys’ Latin experience. Between the friendships I’ve made over the past four years to the more creative classes I’ve been able to choose my senior year, I have truly been able to flaunt my artistic abilities more than I have in the past. Next year, I will be journeying down south to the Savannah College of Art & Design to pursue my passion in film and television. Change has not been a huge part of my life, so next year will probably take a lot out of me. In all honesty, I’m terrified. Terrified of what my future holds. Terrified of leaving everything I’ve known for the past thirteen years. But I know that if I simply embrace the change that is to come, and not try to avoid it, I will grow because of it. Easier said than done, I know. But not impossible. Even though it’s soon coming to an end, my time on Lake Ave has certainly been one for the books.

How will life be after we’ve all separated? How will we cope with the constant changes in our lives? That’s just it. From this point forward, change will keep introducing itself more and more. College is only dipping your feet in the water. At some point, we’re going to have to just dive right on in.

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