Schools open to early

As more in-depth studies have come out pointing towards students needing more sleep, schools have begun to push back their opening time into later hours of the morning. Students have long complained about having to wake up too early for school. In a recent study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it is stated that students need to “regularly sleep 8 to 10 hours per day for good health.” According to the study, side effects from not getting enough sleep range from a poor performance in school to depression. These studies have set up a lot of evidence in favor of having school start later to give students more sleep, however, there are more parties involved in this change.

Changing the time that school starts would affect everybody involved in the school system, and that includes the teachers. A later start to school would keep teachers at work until later in the day if the school is still keeping the traditional school day length. This could get in the way of obligations a teacher may have after school, such as picking up a child from a school that is not having a later schedule. Senior Dean Mr. Dagenais is not only a BL teacher but also a parent. “I think [a later start time] would increase student engagement with more rest. However, for parents who need to pick up or drop off their children at times that don’t align with their work schedules, there may be problems there.”

The idea of having those extra hours of sleep in the morning may be appealing to many teenagers. Junior Eddie Heider saw both sides of the argument. “I think a later start time would be nice, but I see the practicality of an early start time, and how it prepares young people for waking up early and being responsible,” said Heider. The idea of having an early start time is a good idea for instilling good habits and responsibility. “It would benefit my work as a student since I would have more energy during the day,” he said There are benefits and downsides from multiple sides as a student, teacher, and parent, but the idea of starting later is in a student’s best interest.

The studies that have been conducted push toward schools opening their doors later in the morning in favor of student’s health. In the general private school area, multiple schools have already adapted to this new information. One local example is St. Paul’s, who starts class 45 minutes later than usual every Thursday. However, at Boys’ Latin students are seeing a transition to less work at home and harder work in the classroom. Many schools are taking different approaches to find a healthy balance between the home and school life, and this is only the beginning of new changes in the coming years.


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