Every year as the transition to spring begins, prom season follows close behind. Prom means different things to different people, but for a significant group of students including students like Seniors Cooper Weidner and Jack Sutton, this means “promposals” — creative ways that high school students choose to ask their potential date to prom.


Whether it be standing outside your significant other’s house with a box of chocolate and a quirky sign or making a video that concludes with the person asking their date to prom, promposals can take many different forms, a variety that reflects the diversity of people who participate in this playful tradition.


Senior Winston Chodnicki is one of these participants. Winston, who is very involved in video editing and recording in and out of school, was promposed to over social media, over the app Instagram. His date, mimicking his hobby and job of filming lacrosse, made a highlight edit with her friends that ended in her asking Winston to prom with lacrosse balls spelling out “Prom?” by her feet. He said yes. He remembers past promposals he has seen saying that, “It’s a pretty cool thing to see, always funny to see one of your buddies red-faced because of their promposal”.


Students at BL are quick to remember some of their favorite promposals, because of how flustered it makes their friends. Senior Jack Sutton recalled some of the more memorable promposals he has seen in his time at BL. “Xander Mtimet’s promposal to Julia last year was really romantic and cute… and Jamie Rice getting promposed to at practice— it was fun to see how nervous and embarrassed he was,” said Sutton.


However, this year Sutton was on the receiving end of a promposal. “I was not expecting it at all, but it was fun,” he said. “I now understand the embarrassment and weirdness that I had seen some of my friends experience in the past.”


At Boys’ Latin and in the Roland Park area as a whole there is a large group of private schools that focus on single-sex education such as BL, Gilman, Bryn Mawr, and RPCS. This means different proms for the girls’ schools and boys’ schools, which leads to both boys and girls making promposals for their respective schools. Often students have varying relationships with who promposes to them or they prompose to. Senior Cooper Weidner has been dating his girlfriend for a few months now so he feels like a promposal is expected. “I do plan on promposing my girlfriend and I also expect to be promposed to. I feel like its a customary thing to do, but it will also be fun to see my girlfriend’s reaction,” said Weidner.


Whether it’s for a long-term relationship, a new flame, or just to ask a friend from another school to prom, the boys at BL have a variety of different promposal memories that they think back to when planning their own as the spring comes around. The one thing that is for certain is there will be red faces and maybe some awkward hugs.

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