One Love Day


On April 12th, 2019 the Boys Latin One Laker One Love Club organizes “One Love Day.” This day is for the purpose of teaching boys about relationship violence and what  healthy and unhealthy relationships look like. Upper School Guidance Counselor Mrs. Kenny is the faculty sponsor for the One Love Club, along with College Counselor Mr. Robinson. However, they are not the only two faculty members involved in the planning of the day. Every year, a faculty committee is formed to think of the best activities for the students.

“We have a strong committee and feel as if the members see the boys in different pockets of the school, from academics to athletics to the arts to social-emotional learning,” Kenny said. Senior and Junior leaders also help to plan the day and run the club. Seniors Cooper Wiedner, Eric Gazin, Ely Shilling, and Juniors Brendan Grimes, Cole Erickson, Nate Brown, and Conor Cadigan are all leaders of the club. It takes the club all year to plan for the day along with planning different events to spread awareness throughout the year. “It takes a lot to plan but we try to do something each month as a way for students to be constantly be reminded of the relationships we have in our lives,” said Erickson. The club organizes different events throughout the year, including a bake sale, a yoga night, and different events to spread awareness during the month of February, which also happens to be Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

One Love Day is a day away from “traditional” school work and means a lot to many of BL’s community members. “It’s beneficial and provides insight for those who already feel well-educated on the matter. There is always at least one new take away from the annual event. It’s educational and fun with the activities and group discussions led by our peers,” said Senior Nick Lizana.

“To me, One Love Day is about working on the relationships in my life… I think it’s special that we are a school that takes a day to talk about serious topics because not everyone has the opportunity to learn about an important cause,” said Erickson.  Both Club leaders and the faculty agree that since Boys’ Latin is such a relationship-driven school, it is important to make sure the boys know what a healthy relationship looks like. “We are such a relationship-driven school. That is at the core of what we do and we believe in it so strongly… I think that we are ambassadors for change and our boys are excited about that, and one of the things we are good at is taking risks and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones,” said Kenney.

One Love Day has become a tradition every spring. “This year will be our fifth annual One Laker One Love Day and if I reflect back on how it started, it started with a direct correlation to the One Love foundation around raising awareness around healthy relationships and relationship violence and each year it has evolved but still staying under that main idea of relationships and healthy relationships,” said Kenney. From the teachers to the faculty members to all the students at Boys’ Latin, everyone participates in One Love Day. “Relationships make up our everyday lives and when we work on how to better our relationships, we are not only bettering ourselves but the people around us,” said Erickson. “Students are engaged in the conversations and have the ability to see examples of healthy and unhealthy relationships.”

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