Ravens Loss Leaves Many Wondering Who To Cheer For

When the month of January came, it was that time of year again for the NFL playoffs. The NFL regular season is seventeen weeks, making the playoffs so special because teams work so hard for so long for very little spots. This past year the BL community was extra excited to see the Ravens back in the playoffs, and Lamar Jackson’s first playoff appearance. The Baltimore Ravens were looking to make another playoff run like in 2012, but this was their first time in the playoffs since 2014, so it was interesting to see the young Lamar Jackson lead this team in the playoffs. Since Joe Flacco’s injury, Jackson had become the spark that the Ravens needed leading them to a 6-1 record during his time as the starting quarterback. The Ravens were 4-5 before Jackson took over leaving the Ravens with very little chance to make the playoffs.

The Ravens end of the season run made lots of conversation around the BL campus, but now that the Ravens are out of the playoffs, BL students have to decide who to root for. A lot are hoping to watch a favorite player’s team win the Super Bowl and some hope that the Patriots just don’t win.

There are a lot of teams that people want to lose after their team is out of the playoffs, but to root for the team who defeated your own is not always the best option for some. “ I don’t root for the team that beats the Ravens because it is immoral to root for an enemy”, said Senior Teddy Roebuck. The Patriots seem to be the team most people want to lose because of their previous history of winning and controversial decision-making. “I would only watch the playoffs after the Ravens lose if the Patriots are playing because I want to see them lose. “They cheat and I like to watch them lose,” said Upper School Science teacher Mrs. Rodriguez. The Patriots were caught in the “deflategate” investigation in 2015, where Tom Brady allegedly deflated the footballs for an advantage in the game. The following year Brady was penalized for his actions with a four-game suspension.

Football is America’s sport, and when the NFL playoffs come around it can get intense. Even if they lose, people find ways to keep watching NFL football each week.

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