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Traffic Complicates Commutes to School

No matter how far you have to drive in the morning, traffic has to be taken into consideration all the time. Roadwork pops up on Lake Avenue that makes it challenging for people to take their normal route to school or be late to school. Often times there are water main breaks at the bottom of Lake Avenue where it meets Falls Road.The usual cause for traffic in the mornings, though, are typical morning traffic jams.

“I wake up, leave my house, and get to school much earlier than I need to because the traffic will be so bad if I don’t,” said Senior Nick Lizana about his commute to school from Phoenix, Md., about a half an hour from campus. “I don’t hit traffic close to BL because I make sure I wake up early to avoid traffic.”

“The traffic mainly affects me when I travel through the city in the morning, but as I leave the city, the traffic lessens,” said Sophomore Will Spencer about his early morning bus ride from Davidsonville, Md., an hour from campus. “Although there is new roadwork on Lake Avenue, it really doesn’t affect anything on my trip to school.”

“I try to get to school by 7:00 am each morning, which tends to be before there is much traffic on the roads,” said Head of the Upper School Mr. Mitchell. “I think the traffic is created by many people trying to get to school and work all around the same time. I think we also get more traffic around school for two reasons. Many people use Lake Ave to cut through to Roland or Falls. There are many schools around us, which means here are many families dropping their children off at the same time.” Students from all the schools surrounding BL, including Roland Park Country School, Gilman, Bryn Mawr, and Friends, also travel the same roads leading to our campus.

These are some of the struggles with driving to school in the morning. A variety of people have to drive different lengths to school in the morning, and they sometimes encounter problems on their way to school. No matter what they face, they still find a way to get to school in the morning.

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