BL Spotlight

Parking Challenges at BL Include Spot Stealing, Potholes

Where to park? This is often a question that runs through the minds of faculty members and students as they arrive on Lake Avenue every morning.

Typically, the faculty parks along the fields in what is called the faculty parking lots, Seniors park in the senior lot, which overlooks the upper turf, and Juniors park in the “J- Lot”, which is behind the school store at the bottom of the hill. Sometimes, however,this is not the case, such as when there are visitors on campus who are not quite sure where to park. While teachers can park wherever they wish, students do not have the same luxury, leaving them to either park across the street and walk or, for seniors, park in the “J-lot” and walk up the hill.

No one at Boys’ Latin is assigned a spot, but there is an unwritten rule about spots: everyone has their own spot and they park in that spot every day. Sometimes, however, one arrives to campus in the morning and their “spot” has been taken. This causes a couple of issues. The first problem is where to park. Now that their spot has been taken they must search for another.

Secondly, when someone parks in someone else’s spot it causes tension. At a small school like BL, people know who drives what car and know who swiped their spot. According to Ninth Grade Dean and History Teacher Mr. McDonald, Mr. Morrissey sometimes parks in his spot which annoys Mr. McDonald. Senior Josh Pugh can relate.

“I do get annoyed when someone takes up all the spots in the area. A lot of kids…don’t know how to park so they often ruin your spot,” said Pugh.

Some people choose their spot strategically.

“I do feel like I have a spot. I choose my spot so my car does not get damaged,” said Math Department Head Mrs. Mullally.

Mr. McDonald is another person who has chosen their spot strategically.

“We only have to worry about another teacher’s door dinging us on one side of the car instead of both sides,” said McDonald.

“There is one spot in the “J-Lot” that my truck fits in,”  said Junior Stew Moxley.

The idea of being assigned a spot has been murmured throughout the school and there are some differing opinions.

“I would feel really upset because I choose my spot so my car doesn’t get damaged,” said Mrs. Mullally.  

“It depends if I’m able to fit my truck in it. If I was stuck in a little spot, I’d be pretty angry,” said Moxley.

Some people, on the other hand, would not mind if they were assigned a spot.

“I think that’d be fine. It just sounds like a lot of work for whoever has to put that together. If it was a spot I didn’t like I would have issues. I would probably not follow those rules and I’d  still park where I want,” said McDonald

The idea of the parking at BL being improved has some differing opinions.Some feel as if the parking on campus could be improved, while others enjoy the way it is.

“I think wider spots and just more parking. I think we got a lot of wasted space on campus,” said McDonald. Both Pugh and Moxley voiced their opinions about the condition of the J-Lot. “I think the lot could be improved, there’s a good bit of potholes down there,” said Moxley.

Photo via Inkwell staff