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NBA Youngboy vs Lil Baby: Students Debate The Merits of Two Very Different Rappers

Who’s the better rapper: Lil Baby or NBA Youngboy? This is a popular debate topic among BL upper school students. People are trying to come to a consensus on who the better rapper is.

Youngboy is the youngest of the two at 19 years old.  He is from Baton Rouge, La, he is known for his rap-singing, he has nine songs on the Top 100 Billboard charts, but he is best known for his song “Outside Today”, which peaked at number 31 on the Top 100.

Lil Baby is 24 years old. He also rap-sings, and he has eight songs from his collaborative album “Drip Harder” with rapper Gunna. Lil Baby is from Atlanta, Ga, home to many known rappers and is also the home of “trap music”, which is a southern-originated style of rap music. Some other other known trap artists are Gucci Mane, Future, and The Migos. Baby is best known for his songs “Yes Indeed”, “Drip Too Hard”, and “Freestyle”.

Youngboy is more of a storytelling rapper. He raps about his life and struggles he actually goes through. His flow is consistent and he doesn’t change how he raps very often. On the other hand, Lil Baby is more of a mumble rapper, which is rapping with lyrics that are less clear. He raps about his style and his money often. Lil Baby’s style of rap makes him more of a mainstream rapper—more of his songs are played on the radio, which makes him the better known rapper. “His new full-length Harder Than Ever sounds like the work of an established a veteran,” said critic Israel Daramola on, referring to Lil Baby. And, according to the New York Times, “He [Youngboy] is already one of the most promising young Southern rappers of the past couple of years.”

Although fans argue about who is better, the two rappers do not dislike each other; in fact, they even have a song together called “Cross me”.

Senior, Noah Queen believes that Lil Baby is the better rapper. “He is more versatile, he has different types of music with different flows,” said Queen. However, Queen does believe that there are better rappers than Baby. “Future is a grandfather to trap music and he honestly paved the way for his career.” Future is another rapper who became popular around 2010, who  is best known for his mixtapes “Dirty Sprite” and “True Story”. Senior Gio Biggers, however, prefers Youngboy. “He raps and he doesn’t mumble and talk about drip (style) every second”, said Biggers. He believes it’s no question that Youngboy is a better rapper. An interesting fact to know about Youngboy is that he does not have any clean music on music streaming services, but that doesn’t bother Biggers. Biggers believes that the words Youngboy uses give more meaning and passion to what he is trying to say.  “If it was clean you wouldn’t feel his pain, dog”, he says. Senior Luke Galloway agrees with Biggers. “[Youngboy] is constantly dropping new material, that makes him more constant. He is a real rapper, he’s not fake”, Galloway said. “He’s not going to change his music just to make other people happy”.

A poll was sent out within the Boys’ Latin Upper School and the results came back with  a total of 106 responses. Out of the 106 responses, 51.9% of respondents chose NBA Youngboy as the better rapper, leaving 48.1% of the votes for Lil Baby. The results show that this was a very close race. Both of the rappers received many votes, however the BL community mostly sees Youngboy as the better rapper.

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