Dreams and Passions

When people talk about their dreams, the recipient in the conversation can feel the passion that relays from the speaker. The excitement radiates from the dreamer, enveloping any nearby listener and empowering them with inspiration. It’s the idea that people are trying that pushes us to try—it’s contagious. And during a senior year in high school, being inspired is important. It is the year most kids decide what path to take.

Senior Ethan Carhuapoma has dreams of his own “I do have a dream and passion, it comes in forms of creative things, such as art,” he said. Ethan’s dreams drive him to work hard in high school, in order to achieve them. He rigorously is creating a portfolio, constantly working on new graphic art designs to admit to colleges. Ethan is in Photoshop every day, improving his skills every time he does so.

College Counselor Mr. Robinson’s goal is to help all students on their journey to college. “When one of our students has a finish line they want to reach, it is our job to help them reach that finish line,” he said. A student’s college choice might be impacted by what dreams they want to fulfill. For example, a student like Ethan wants to go to a school specializing in the arts.

In an opposing view however, things can get muddled. Some people, often a parental figure, will tell you that you need to be successful in the path you choose. However, success in is the mind of the beholder. The people telling you that you need to be successful may have a different definition of the word. In the traditional sense, success is to make money in a career. Another sense of the word, is based on how you feel about your own achievements.



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