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New And Established Clubs Form Amid Procedural Changes

Going into the 2018-2019 school year, many changes were made to the way which clubs were presented to the student body. Rather than selecting one study hall to have a club fair, clubs were presented during lunch to the entire student body over the course of  one week.

Upper School Dean of Students Mr. Howard, as well as other faculty, changed the club fair into a week long club presentation during lunch to spread out the presentations and engage the student body more.

“We wanted to give guys a lot of face time in front of the student body,” said Howard

Rather than every club presenting at the end of the day, Howard felt that it was more productive to spread the presentations out and have them at lunch. Lunch is a time when the whole student body is together, and small presentations would give club leaders more face-to-face time with the student body, he said. He also felt that it provided a good model for what it looks like for a student to present something to the entire student body.

Students also had to take more initiative this year, and all club leaders, whether it was a new club or not, had to fill out paperwork to start their club. In the past, clubs have not had to fill out any paperwork, but this year each club had to explain their goals and how they will work to further  the mission of the Boys’ Latin community.

“I had to fill out a form explaining how my club relates to the mission of the school, and then I received an email to meet face-to-face with Mr. Howard to get all of the dates and details organized,” said Senior Ethan Carhuapoma, leader of the Digital Media Club.

The new procedures did not keep many new clubs from forming, however.

Junior Darius Kulchyckyj took the initiative of starting the Eastern European Awareness Club. Kulchyckyj has an Eastern European background, and he wanted to educate others about  a side of the world he feels isn’t really talked about.

“I graduate next year and i wanted to leave something at BL. I felt that I would be able to leave this club in the hands of the underclassmen who happen to join this club and acquire a passion for it as I do now.” he said.

Not only does Darius plan to leave a legacy at BL, but educating others is also an important goal of his. Using the club, Darius plans to spread Eastern European awareness to the Boys’ Latin student body, and introduce students to a culture they might not know about.

“My goal is to educate other students who are interested in the different types of diverse culture,” said Kulchyckyj

Other  new clubs this year include Bureau 13 (A role playing table top game club), Eastern European Awareness Club, and Marvel Comics Club,  For a full list of clubs, visit the website.

*Correction: The Inkwell mistakenly identified Bureau 13 as a Conspiracy Theory Club. The error has been corrected.

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