BL Spotlight

Music Streaming Services Popular Among Students

Many students at Boys’ Latin have diverse  tastes in music and various ways of finding new songs to listen to. Whether it be rap or country, hip-hop or 80’s, BL students have always been  interested in a wide variety of music genres. But music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud have changed the way students find and share music as they get older.

Streaming services have added another aspect to listening to music with friends, being able to listen to the songs you want when you want and sharing songs with your friends even when you are not together.

Soundcloud is very popular among students, not only because of the wide variety of free rap and electronic dance music (EDM) it offers, but also because of the social aspect to the app. On Soundcloud, users can see which songs their friends like and have listened to so that discovering new music has become more of a social endeavor, when songs are shared through friends by Soundcloud.

Students like Sophomores Avery Tankersley and Ben Smith grew up finding new music by listening to the radio on the way to school each morning.

“Now that my brother drives me to school we listen to a lot of the same music on Soundcloud” said Avery.


Much like students with Soundcloud, Spotify has changed the way Alumni Relations Coordinator Mr. Stothoff finds new music. Spotify has allowed him to play music he enjoys throughout the day.

“I haven’t spent as much time searching for music instead I’ve kinda let songs come to me through friends or suggested songs on Spotify.” said Stothoff.


According to a survey done by Statista, more than half of kids use streaming services such as Youtube or other free music apps. Boasting benefits like lower or no coasts, song selection freedom, and almost universal accessibility, streaming services seem to be this generation’s way of listening to and discovering new music. With all these benefits, maybe that change is a good thing.