BL Spotlight

Halloween Tradition Lives on at BL

The Boys’ Latin Upper School holds a variety of assemblies throughout the school year, most of which consists of sitting down in the GAC and listening to speakers. However, Halloween is different. At the Halloween assembly, everyone gets to participate.

Upper School Librarian Mrs. Ricci is the leader of the Halloween event committee. Ricci took the reins from a teacher who used to work at BL and when she took the job, she felt like she could put a little of her personality in it.

“My favorite part about the event is the community coming together, as well as Mr. Osborn’s MCing. He always wears some of the best costumes,” she said.

Ricci believes that certain parts of the assembly have become BL traditions, especially the odd ones. “I enjoy [the assembly], but the chubby bunny challenge, not so much,” she said. “Although it is the special things we do only at those events that make them a tradition.”

Senior Reward Odilatu has mixed feelings about the event.

“My favorite part about the celebration is the costumes that people bring to the competition.”

Every year Boys’ Latin holds a Halloween costume contest at the assembly, and while Odilatu enjoys the costumes, he feels that competition is something that seems to bring the celebration down a peg.

“If anything were to be something I didn’t love, it would be the competition aspect of it all.” Odilatu feels that the competition can slightly ruin the communal aspect of the whole celebration.

Freshman Owen Reid was enthusiastic about the event.

“I’m excited, really excited for all the events.”, he said.  “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.”

Reid was not the only one excited—as the anticipation grew for the holiday celebration, so did the students’ ideas. Everyone prepared their costumes, and no one showed up as themselves on Halloween.