BL Spotlight

BL vs. SP Football Game Adds Excitement to Century-Old Rivalry

Fall at Boys’ Latin means a few different things: Halloween, the Bull Roast, and the St. Paul’s game. There has been a huge rivalry between the Lakers and Crusaders for decades and the game has become a big tradition between the two schools.

“I know it’s one of those things you mark on your calendar every year,” said Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach Brian Farrell.

From the lacrosse standpoint, the two all boys’ preparatory schools have been playing each other since 1933 and the records are almost equal on both sides. Four times the two schools have met in the title game and three times St. Paul’s has won the season finale, twice by one goal.

Coach Farrell reminisced about the game that the two lacrosse teams played in 2017 commemorating the 100th game in the rivalry.

“The crowd and the atmosphere was amazing. It’s a moment the players won’t ever forget. It’s especially a moment that the coaches will never forget, he said.”

Since the lacrosse rivalry between the two schools began, other sports have joined in the rivalry as well.

Senior Jyair Thomas gets very excited every year during this time because of the annual football game, especially because it makes him think back to last year’s game. .

“The most memorable thing I’ve experienced is last year’s game when I scored an 86 yard kickoff return. Moments like this is what makes me look forward to playing in the game.”

Director of Alumni Relations Mac Kennedy looks forward to the rivalry every single year when the sports seasons roll around.

“So many people from the two schools know each other, so that is why I think it is so special,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy and Farrell were ecstatic for the football game this year. When asked if they would be in attendance at the football game on November 2nd, they quickly responded by saying they would not miss it for anything.

The game went very well in the first half as the Lakers led 10-0 at halftime. The game went down hill when the Lakers gave up 31 second half points to the Crusaders resulting in a 31-28 loss on the beautiful Fall afternoon.

Although the Lakers did not come out on top at the end of this anticipated annual football game, the Boys’ Latin football team kept fighting until the end and did not give up.