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Alumni Spotlight: Hurley ’18 Finds Success at Georgia Tech

Boys’ Latin is a stepping stone to future success for many of those who have walked its halls.  B.L. alumni have enjoyed accomplishments in academics, athletics, and business. Every year B.L. boasts an impressive graduating class, whose members go on to attend top colleges and contribute to the larger community.  In this edition, The Inkwell is highlighting Ryan Hurley Class of 2018, currently attending the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ryan excelled while at Boys’ Latin. He was a member of the Honor Board, National Honors Society, and Regular Dean’s List student, all with a rigorous Advanced Placement schedule.  

“It has been fun…but stressful,” Hurley said. “We are expected to work at a high level and be self-sufficient, yet are given little guidance [or] direct support.  I must go out of my way for extra help.”

Despite this, he would still recommend BL students check out Georgia Tech.  

“I would tell those looking here that it’s a great school with amazing opportunities but you will have to work hard,” he said. “…Make sure you work hard a B.L. and develop good time management and study skills for not just Georgia Tech, but any college because it is certainly not as easy once you leave B.L. … I’d still encourage you to apply because the resources of [Atlanta] are priceless and the weather and campus are beautiful.”

For many,  deciding what college is right for them is very difficult, but Ryan felt at home right away.

“I knew that GT was right for me when I visited and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, campus, people, and surroundings of the campus,” he said.

Hurley advises students looking at colleges to make the best decision for them and not to be obsessed with rankings or statistics. “It is foolish to choose somewhere that is highly ranked but is not enjoyable for you. It’s not always about where you go but rather what you make of the opportunities presented.”

Hurley was an impressive student at Boys’ Latin, and he seems determined to continue that academic success in college and beyond. Hurley isn’t trying to rush anything, though. “I have no idea where I see myself post-college honestly,” he said.  “But I still have lots of time to figure that out.”

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