Fantasy Football Fandom Sweeps Boys’ Latin Upper School

Fantasy Football At Boys’ Latin

Walking through the hallways at Boys’ Latin, it is hard to miss the debates about fantasy football each week. According to nfl.com,  fantasy football first started in the United States in 1962 when the Oakland Raiders part owner Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach developed a system of organization and a rulebook for an eight man fantasy football league. Since then, fantasy football spread across the country. Fantasy football drafts have changed the way people watch the sport, and it has sparked weekly conversations among fans.

The biggest talk comes on Monday because of the crazy NFL Sunday. Arguments swirl daily across all grades. “It’s fun and competitive with a bunch of my friends”, said sophomore Ben Smith.

In fantasy football, people draft teams with players who they think will give them the most points for the year. There are projected points each year which are made by experts who study teams and players for a living. Depending on the schedule each team has for a certain year, their projected points could be higher or lower than normal. Injuries are also a deciding factor in who people draft for their teams. For a player who is coming off of an injury, their draft stock usually goes down depending on the injury they had the previous season.

Fantasy football can be different from league to league because there are different ways for scoring. League rules and points vary depending on the scoring decided by the commissioner of the league. In some leagues, there is a “point per reception, which means that running backs who catch the ball are much more reliable and produce more points consistently”, said Senior Jack Sutton.

Most fantasy football leagues at Boys’ Latin cost money to play to make sure people are checking their teams weekly. In some cases, leagues have a prize for the winner, and a punishment for the loser. In 2017, Harold Lloyd received a buzz cut for coming in last place in his league. The punishments “Require me to focus more to fantasy football because not only do I want to win, but I don’t want to be punished”, said Senior Harold Lloyd.

Fantasy Football has become a hot topic during football season not only at BL, but also worldwide. According to a 2017 Washington Post article,, there are an estimated amount of fifty nine million people who play fantasy football in the United States and Canada. Fantasy football has had a big impact on the NFL and football allowing  people to connect through the sport and maintain relationships from a distance. “It has become a great way for me to stay in touch with a group of people who I live far away from now”, said Upper School Math Teacher Mr. Morrissey.

Fantasy drafts have changed the amount of people who watch football, and the way most kids at Boys’ Latin watch NFL football. Most of the time, favorite teams do not affect who people pick for their team because winning their league is more important. Most people root for their favorite team when a player on their fantasy team plays their favorite team. Fantasy football has changed the NFL, adding viewership and allowing a more social aspect into the sport.

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