Attention Freshmen: Here’s How to Make Your BL Experience Great

Attention incoming freshman: if you’re struggling to adjust to the Boy’s Latin upper school lifestyle, these tips from fellow Lakers might help make the ride a little easier. Seniors who have had the full BL upper school experience have some tips that can help. Senior Jack Sutton’s advice: Help from teachers and attempting new activities will make you the best you.

“The best advice I got was to try new things,” said Sutton, adding “Teachers are there for you, just ask for help.”

Sophomore, Nick Westercamp had some similar feedback. If you need help, he says, don’t just wait for someone to come to you about it, actively seek it out. You will be happier in the long run, and your teachers will really respect and appreciate it.

Another interview conducted was with senior Hunter Hine. Hine had some interesting tips for the freshmen. “Do what you love in school, if it makes you happy, try.” As well as, work as hard as you can, that way you can leave the school with something.”

These tips can help freshmen with balancing life and school. If you can pick out the fun in school, you will enjoy yourself, but you also have to work hard so that you can get into a good college.

Lastly, two more tips from yours truly, choose your time wisely and make good decisions. If you choose your time wisely then you will be successful. These tips are extremely important during your upper school time on Lake Ave. Choosing your time wisely will help you accomplish goals that you have set for yourself, or are set by your peers and teachers. As for deciding to do the right thing, readers of The Inkwell will make the right choices, for we are Lakers.

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