Students and Faculty Discuss New Approaches to Student Sections

Over the past few years at BL, there has been talk regarding student sections and how many people attend sporting events. Upperclassmen and faculty have led the conversations regarding the student sections.

This year, in an effort to increase attendance at games, Spirit Counsel leaders Reagan McNemar, Ethan Hoover, Luke Galloway, and Jack Sutton, along with Student Body President Blake Shepherd, have brainstormed more ideas to improve the student sections. Whether that be from coming up with more themes for the sporting events or creating a new Instagram account to alert students of games, the Spirit Counsel has been working to improve student sections.

“I think creating other fun stuff other than just cheering would make it fun. I’m motivated just because it’s a part of who we are,” said Shepherd.

The students’ ideas ran into some roadblocks at the beginning of the school year, receiving mixed reactions for some of the new theme ideas and raising questions about how the social media accounts would be regulated.

The faculty members want more students at the games as well, but they have a different idea of how to get more students to attend. Dean of Students Mr. Howard believes that the leaders of the Spirit Counsel should create an atmosphere that is more welcoming to younger students.

“I think getting to know younger students —and reaching out to younger students— will expand the numbers of the student sections,” said Howard.

The students think that faculty members are interpreting their ideas in the wrong way.

“I think some themes are just meant to be fun, but the faculty thinks that there are other motives behind our themes,” said Senior Ethan Hoover. “I don’t understand why we can’t have our own platform to reach out to students as long as it is appropriate.”

Howard sees Student Sections as something people base their opinions about BL on.

“I think that sometimes guys overlook things like what it looks like to others maybe visiting schools,” said Howard. “I think it’s an opportunity to think of how they want to represent the school.”

The future of the student sections may be unclear, but one thing is certain: both students and faculty at BL believe in the importance of improving student sections.

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