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Meet Student Body President Blake Shepherd: Striving for Big Impact by Focusing on “Little Things”

This fall, there is a new commander in chief on Lake Avenue and his name is Blake Shepherd. Widely known as a natural leader and people person, Shepherd has made a reputation for himself in his four years at Boys’ Latin as a prominent figure within the school as captain of the Varsity Soccer and Hockey teams, leader the Jewish Awareness Club, former class officer, and member of the Honor Board. The diverse Shepherd is well respected by his peers and superiors throughout the school.

Upper School English Teacher and Senior Class Dean Mr. Dagenais is excited to see what Blake Shepherd, a current student of his, has in store for the school year.

“He does not change from the classroom to the hallways to the athletic fields. He is a great student and a better person,” said Mr. Dagenais.  “He is full of love, selflessness, compassion, and a sense of the collective need over the individual want.”

One of the main reasons Shepherd ran for student body president was to quench his desire to make Boys’ Latin the strongest and tightest it can possibly be.

“I want to make the community the best that there is,” said Shepherd. He believes this is attainable by doing the little things, by learning everybody’s names.

“The little things like this is what makes people wanna be [at Boys’ Latin] everyday,” he said.

Another important pillar for Blake is his desire for not only himself, but the entire Class of 2019 to be immortalized on Lake Avenue.

“I want the Class of 2019 to be remembered as the best there ever was, in terms of the best people,” he said.

Senior Ari Wister believes Shepherd’s leadership can impact not only the upper school, but the whole community.

“It is important to positively affect the younger kids by displaying good leadership,” said Wister.

Dagenais agrees.

“We need more stuff to bring the school together. We need to be tighter, more loving, and feel closer,” he said.

As we head into the new school year, be on the lookout for Blake Shepherd. Stop and have a conversation with him. Chances are he already knows your name. 

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