Shepherd, Voso and Berkstresser Join the BL Community

Going into Boys’ Latin’s 2018-19 school year, as well as the 175th anniversary, you may see some new faces in the classroom. Joining the Upper school this year are Mr. Voso, Mr. Shepherd, and Ms. Berkstresser.

For new Upper School English Teacher Mr. Voso, strong relationships are one of the reasons he joined the BL community

“Class sizes and focus on relationships, which I feel like both are linked”  he said.

Mr. Voso teaches class for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, so he is able to see a different variety of students, which gives him the opportunity to build relationships. Mr. Voso is a rock climber, so he understands the importance of every individual doing their job, which he translates into the classroom.

New Upper School History Teacher Mr. Shepherd also feels strongly about the relationships he’s built at BL. Although he is a new teacher this year, Mr. Shepherd is a BL alum, which gives him a different perspective on BL.

“BL is a fundamental aspect of who I am,” said Shepherd, who graduated in 2012.

New Upper School Chemistry Teacher Ms. Berkstresser believes that the compassion between the students and faculty separates BL from other schools due to the mutual respect between teacher and student. Whether it be students helping her pick up things she dropped or faculty making her feel welcome, Ms. Berkstresser values the “friendliness” of the community.

“Everybody is willing to help in any way they can,” said Berkstresser.

Whether or not you’re in their class, small gestures such as holding the door can impact a new teacher. New teachers are always open to conversation, so don’t be afraid to say “Hi.”

If you don’t have any of the new teachers in class, don’t worry. Outside of the classroom, you can find Ms. Berkstresser helping with the robotics team. Mr. Shepherd often works with the BL social media accounts, so you can also find him on BL instagram. You may have to go off campus to find Mr. Voso rock climbing, though.

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