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Boys’ Latin Kicks Off Historic 175th Year

The first electronic telegram was sent by Samuel Morse.

Florida and Texas became states.

The rules for a little sport called baseball were created and established.

Ever considered what life was like 175 years ago? Would it be a surprising to hear that 175 years ago The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland was just getting started?

This year Boys’ Latin kicked off its 175th birthday on the first day of school with festivities including  noisemakers at Opening Convocation, birthday cake for every student at lunch, and singing “Happy Birthday”.

Boys’ Latin Headmaster Christopher Post emphasized the celebratory feel for the upcoming 2018- 2019 school year.

“Our opening convocation was certainly a little more celebratory than years past” said Post.

Different than years past, Boys’ Latin kicked off the the 2018-19 school year with a drone shot photograph of the entire student body lined up to make the number “175”, representing the anniversary.

Large aerial photographs on BL’s middle school field have become a staple of the school’s community driven events, such as One Love Day. These drone shot pictures represent the whole community coming together for a common goal, and they involve a lot of planning and preparation.

“When BL celebrated its 150th anniversary, the school rented a crane and it took two and a half hours to get everyone to line up and then we had to wait for the photograph to come back” said Post.

25 years later the logistics of the drone shot are much different. Math teacher, Department chair and Upper School Registrar Ms. Mullally heads the group of students and faculty that does these preparations.

“I enjoy the students coming together to help me construct the design it is a good representation of the community ideals we teach,” said Mullally.

Ms. Mullally and her students often spend a long afternoon in the hot sun in order to draw the lines on which the whole student body will stand. Despite the amount of effort she and a small group of students put into forming their designs, Ms. Mullally is a huge supporter of the activity because she believes it is a visual representation of the strong sense of community BL practices.

Students feel differently about how the 175th “birthday” of their school has affected the general feel of this year. Senior Willie Wright stressed that although this year has been different, it is not because of the anniversary, but rather his new role as a senior that has provoked this change.

“I feel like it’s an opportunity for us[seniors] to leave a legacy at BL,” said Wright, expressing the general consensus among seniors that although this year is not that much different day-to-day, the impact they have on the community could be much more significant because it comes on a memorable anniversary.

“Graduating on the 175th anniversary will be a great talking point, when him and his fellow seniors come back for their 25 year reunion,” he said.

While students may not feel a day to day difference when it comes to this milestone, seniors like Willie speak of the opportunity they have to leave a lasting legacy at their school, and how they hope to live up to their expectations as seniors to make the 175th anniversary memorable.

Headmaster Post described a common theme amidst the celebratory mood: excitement for BL’s past and for its future.

“There’s an amazing opportunity to be intentionally aware of who we are and where were headed,” he said.

To find out more about Boys’ Latin’s 175th birthday festivities check for pictures and information on upcoming events.

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