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Trivia Thursday Becomes Weekly Staple


The calm before the storm: students sit in the student commons awaiting the infamous trivia battle. Image courtesy of Baltimore Fishbowl.

Currently headed by Mr. Barron, Trivia Thursday offers students a break from the monotony of everyday lunch activity. Each Thursday, students compete against fellow students or their teachers in a trivia competition. During which, the entirety of the student body spectates.

Junior Xander Mtimet, a participant, stated that “It’s a fun way to get some healthy competition.” According to him, Trivia Thursday also creates strong relationships between students and faculty.

Mr. Hindes, who also participated in Trivia Thursday, shared this view: “I felt that it was good for my relationships with students.” Through the shared experience, he feels that he can relate to his students.

About topics, Trivia Thursday’s facts span from geography to history and especially BL. Usually, Mr. Barron attempts to coordinate the topic with something pertinent to the time.

Mr. Hindes enjoys this facet of Trivia Thursday. He claimed, “I like the Trivia Thursdays that are timely, that are based on what’s happening at that moment.” He also claimed to enjoy those which pertain to Boys’ Latin.

He cited the “Separated at Birth Topic,” which hinges on pairs of BL students who share last names. “That was fun,” he exclaimed.

Examples of more timely topics are those of February’s Black History Month or March’s Women’s History Month. These topics both educate and entertain the student body. Mr. Barron expressed, “I usually come up with topics that morning,” compiling questions about a diverse range of things.

He attempts to make each question appeal to a large number of students. “But, I try to stay away from sports, which can alienate non-athletes,” he indicated.

This method of appealing to the majority of students is effective, said senior Chris Bates, whose favorite topic encompassed his favorite TV show, The Office.

In the future, Bates hopes that Mr. Barron can make a Trivia Thursday about memes. Though, he ponders how questions will actually be constituted.

Alongside the topic, the individuals participating also vary each week. Students can compete either against students or teachers. Mr. Barron chooses this based on who he deems fit and, sometimes, even unfit.

He claimed, “I try to match individuals to their strengths, but I sometimes like unusual combinations of people.”

He described an instance where he felt that junior Xander Mtimet would be good at knowing where faculty went to college and thus chose him.

This is one facet that makes Trivia Thursday exciting. Students enjoy watching their classmates successfully display the breadth of their knowledge.

Senior Christian Griffin enjoyed this. Though the time in his senior year is waning, he hopes to one day see fellow classmates David Robinson and Patrick McDermott engage in the renowned trivia battle.

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