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Spring Weather Revives Senior Garden

The return of the warm weather has sparked joy for seniors around The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland as the senior garden is beginning to be used once again. The sign of warm weather has brought Kanjam, Spikeball, and a newly added miniature hockey game back to the garden. With winter coming to a close, the spring weather will hopefully attract as many seniors to the garden as the fall weather did last year.  

Senior Travis Smith said, “I’m really excited to get back out there this spring. I think with school winding down, I’ll be spending most of my time out there, as I did in the fall.” With the absence of the senior room, the garden has become the area of interest for the senior class.

While many seniors are excited about the return, freshmen are envious of the garden. Freshman Mac Booth said, “It’s a cool place where kids can hang out and play games. I am looking forward to spending time in it with friends senior year.”

Freshmen only view the garden while passing by on their way to the school store as well as their classes. The view of seniors playing games and working on homework in a quiet and beautiful place is a great way for the freshmen to see what they have to look forward to.

Brian North of the senior class agreed with Booth that the garden is beautiful, saying, “I agree the garden is beautiful, but I wish we still had our senior room for the days it’s not nice out.” Many seniors agree that having a place inside would be much better.

JP Barbeau said, “I think since we don’t have a senior room this year, the garden has taken over that role.” The garden has been a popular hangout spot this year for all the seniors because of the activities that go on inside of it. Kanjam and Spikeball have been the two attractions that generate the most visitors to the garden.

While Kanjam and Spikeball have been the two most popular games, talk of adding new games to the garden have been stirring up recently. Senior Josh Bilbaum said, “I think the two games already in the garden are overplayed. Ethan McCann and I have thought of adding miniature hockey goals and miniature hockey sticks to the garden this spring.”

The miniature hockey goals have made an appearance on campus before. Previously in the 2016-17 school year, the hockey goals had been a senior class favorite before being taken away by the administration. Blibaum hopes the senior class will be on board with the idea and can’t wait for spring to fully arrive.

Chris Brandau said, “I usually play Kanjam when I’m in the garden, but I can see myself playing hockey more this spring.”


The Senior Garden’s new and improved hockey arena for seniors.

Many of the seniors agree that the senior garden has needed many improvements over the year. Senior Will O’Dell said, “I think the garden is a great place to be, but the trash has been building up already this spring just like it had in the fall.” Seniors all agree the garden has been messy and are nervous it may be taken away.

Most of the time spent this year with the seniors has been either playing basketball or completing last minute homework. The return of the spring brings many to the garden, but seniors fear they will fall behind on homework because of the garden activity.

Senior Evan Fields said, “I usually spend most of my time in the garden when it is nice out, and I end up not doing work I should do.” Seniors should be cautious about having too much fun as their time winds down on Lake Avenue

The return of the garden is an exciting time for all seniors as the year begins to come to a close. The senior class this year will need to find a balance between respecting the garden while also having fun if they wish to keep it.  


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