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Seniors Take Much Into Account When Choosing College



Map of the schools that BL students attend.

By May 1, members of the senior class must officially decide which college they will be attending in the fall.  For those already decided on a college, this time is no different than any other, but those undecided will soon be forced to make a decision.  There are a lot of different factors that go into someone’s choice of college.

One aspect of a college that is very important to many people is the location of the school.  Michael Ubriaco originally committed to play lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University at the age of 15.  Ubriaco said, “At the time I couldn’t really imagine being anywhere else other than Baltimore and had thought that I wanted to stay local for college.”

However, over time, Ubriaco’s desire to stay local faded away and he wanted to get away from the Roland Park area.  This lead to Ubriaco switching from Johns Hopkins University to Villanova University early in his senior year.

For many, the deciding factor to where they attend college can be a feeling that they get while visiting the campus.

Brandon Kagen will be attending Wake Forest University in the fall and said that he chose Wake because of its academics, campus, and student life opportunities. While he liked all these aspects of the school, the deciding factor for him was a “gut feeling that made Wake special for me.”

Another thing that factors into choosing a college is the alumni and school connections after one graduates.

Max Franklin was accepted to the University of Richmond, Emory University, and Washington and Lee University.  Franklin has ultimately decided to attend Washington and Lee University next year.

Franklin liked the size, location, and feel of all the schools, but there was one deciding factor that Washington and Lee had that the other schools didn’t. Franklin said, “I was attracted to the connections in finance and in other sectors of the work field that Washington and Lee has maintained over the years.”

Many students are still debating between several schools that they were accepted to. Paul Agbaje has been accepted to Cornell University, Emory University, and Boston College. After narrowing his option down to Cornell and Emory, he is still undecided on where he will be attending.

Agbaje said that he is going to wait until he can visit both schools before he makes a decision.

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