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Senior Launch Projects Due, Mixed Feelings from Senior Class



L-R back row: Ryan Evans (’20), McKenney Box (’18), Jack Morton (’18), Reagan McNemar (’19), and Michael Ubriaco (’18) with boys they coached for lacrosse. Picture taken by Wallace Sifford at Charm City Lacrosse.

The launch program was created in 2015 for juniors and seniors to learn about 21st-century priorities. The five tracks the students can choose are innovation, expression, leadership, courage, and compassion taught by two teachers for every branch. The cumulative launch project is an end of the year project for seniors that takes the second semester to complete which is then presented to the grade.

The projects that the students work on are chosen by each student and worked on throughout the second semester. Some projects raise money for charities and foundations while other projects include making pizza reviews and doing a dance in front of the school. The wide array of projects help shape the BL community and the surrounding community for the better.

While the intended goal of launch is to benefit the community around and inside BL, many seniors thought of launch as a joke of a class. Senior Brian North said, “ Launch is just a time to finish my homework. I never work on my project.” Seniors are given every A block class to work freely on their project which gives leeway to do other things besides their project.

The news of the launch program being taken out of the curriculum for seniors next year is fantastic news for junior Andrew Grover. Grover said he “doesn’t want to work on a project for the second half of my senior year.” Launch will be replaced by electives for seniors that still apply to the five launch tracks but without the cumulative project.

The launch program has been a huge help for senior Will O’Dell as he used the launch block to do homework and other tasks. O’Dell said, “I love launch because we now get two frees instead of one. It has made senior year a breeze.”

On the other hand, senior Bryce Atkinson is raising money for a church and has created a Go Fund Me page for donations. Atkinson said he wanted to really impact his community and take launch seriously. Many other projects have also created ways for people to donate to their cause.

In the launch class courage,  seniors Justus Brown and Devon Smith put together a slideshow about raising awareness for mental health and how it affects everyone in a different way.  This launch project is a great example of how launch can be a wonderful program if taken seriously by the students.

Different launch tracks can work together in a group to make their project as seniors Michael Ubriaco, Matt and Chris Brandau, Mckenney Box, and Jack Morton worked together at Charm City Lacrosse. These five seniors are in courage, leadership, and expression and worked together to help inner city children learn how to play lacrosse. The flexibility launch provides to seniors with intersecting tracks can result in amazing projects benefitting the surrounding community.

Although launch has its issues, the launch program can be a great way for seniors to reach out to the community and lend a helping hand and make new relationships. In the end, launch can only work if the seniors put in the time and effort towards their projects.  The launch program is a fundamentally great program that can only thrive with the senior’s effort and passion.


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