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Boys’ Latin Seniors Manage Community Service Hours

A handful of senior students at Boys’ Latin may not graduate. Just ask the seniors who haven’t completed their community service hours.

In order to graduate, a student must complete at least 40 hours of community service. As of April 25th, 26 of the 73 students in the senior class have not completed their required hours, and five of those students have zero hours recorded.

Patrick McDermott, one of the five seniors who has not completed any hours, stated, “I have zero hours recorded because I really don’t have any time during the school year with sports, academic work, and social aspects to deal with. I’m probably going to focus on finishing them after senior farewell because we will have a lot of free time.”

The students who haven’t spread out their community service hours throughout their four years in high school are the students who have zero hours completed. As a new high school student, one should really push himself into doing 10 hours a year, or he will neglect the requirement until his last year of high school. McDermott and McKenney Box advised the underclassmen to start their community service hours early and finish them before their senior year.

On the other hand, there are a handful of students who’ve gone above and beyond the 40-hour requirement, including Max Franklin, Chase Bailey, Justin Burbelo, Wayne Garrus, Jackson Gazin, Kenny Lewis, and Deven Smith. These outstanding students have completed hours ranging from 120 to 388, and they have left a great impact on communities and non-profit organizations.

Smith, a student who has 388 hours recorded, said that he worked at Gilchrist Hospice Care for about 380 hours and worked at a robotics tournament for about eight hours. “My favorite community service activity I did was when I delivered these ‘care packages’ for the senior citizens who didn’t have any family members. It was really fun hanging out with them and seeing them smile and laugh,” stated Smith, who is a solid contender for the Community Service Award at graduation.

Most of the kids who have completed hundreds of community service hours have only completed them at one organization or camp, but there is nothing wrong with that. Take Gazin, Franklin, Garrus, Max Mygatt, and Cole Jarrett for example.

“The past four summers, I have worked with Ms. Flaherty, Max Franklin, Jackson Gazin, Max Mygatt, and Cole Jarrett at Middle Grades Partnership or MGP. This was a camp held at Boys’ Latin where Boys’ Latin students and staff members mentor and teach inner city kids about math and reading. It really wasn’t just about the learning, though; it was just so much fun hanging out with these kids and going on field trips with them,” stated Garrus, a senior who has 308 community service hours reported.

Community service provides students with a way to help the community, acquire friendships, and experience something new. The students who went above and beyond the requirement did so because they loved the people they worked with and what they were working on.



Jackson Gazin teaching students at MGP. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Gazin.

For Gazin, community service provided him with an opportunity to teach middle school kids about math and writing, which is what he wants to do later in life. He loved the fact that he was trying something new: teaching. Throughout the year, Gazin is so used to being just a student at Boys’ Latin, but he was able to try something new over the summer and become the teacher!


Senior students at Boys’ Latin advise the underclassmen to take the initiative and start their community service hours early, or else they will be forced to cram it in their senior year. “It shouldn’t be ‘I HAVE to do the community service.’ It should be ‘I GET to do the community service,” explained Matt Brandau.

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