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Boys’ Latin Celebrates Annual Maroon and White Day

This year’s maroon and white day fell on Wednesday, April 18th, whereas in past years, it occurred on a Friday. “We couldn’t have it on a Friday this year because of scheduling,” said Brandon Kagen, who’s one of the student body presidents.

The day started an hour later than a normal day, at 9:00 a.m., however, the seniors had to arrive earlier at 7:30 a.m. to have the annual mother and son breakfast. This breakfast occurs once a year for each senior class. Many of the seniors felt much closer to their mother after the breakfast.

The day started shortly after when everyone assembled in the gymnasium. The gymnasium was full of energy, which is rather surprising for it being early in the morning.

Kagen started the day by announcing off a flurry of activities: handball, FIFA, capture the flag, and Maisel ball were just some to highlight. Maisel ball is a game invented by Mr. Maisel that is played on the tennis courts; the game itself is a combination of cricket and baseball.  The handball activity was described by senior Basil Aburn as, “the most physically demanding activity of the day.”



Senior Basil Aburn is in an intense game of handball. Photo courtesy of BL Smugmug.


After the first activity session of the day, the student body was invited back to the gym where a dunk contest and penalty shootout were held. The surprise of the events and quite possibly the day was the athletic ability shown by our very own Mr. Howard. Howard’s performance as a goalie was described by Freshman Tommy Ozonoff as being like a “spider monkey.”


Mr. Howard kicksaving a shot. Photo courtesy of BL Smugmug.


Soon after the second round of activities began, kids flooded out to each station they had previously signed up to do. Some kids flowed to the same activities they did the first time around due to the amount of fun they had the first time.

Before lunch, the seniors battled in front of the whole school in a not so friendly game of dodgeball. To some, the highlight of the day didn’t come until the food was out. “I swear I had never had a cheeseburger that good, I swear,” said junior Winston Chodnicki.

“Parents volunteer to come cook for us; they even give up their free time or work time to come start cooking at 9:00,” said Kagen. Kagen then explained how the brotherhood at Boys’ Latin extends past the students and is felt through the parent’s relationships as well.

In the afternoon, all the activities were done as a student body. Starting with the egg toss, the Booth brothers reclaimed the throne. After, the student body congregated to the upper turf to witness the senior-led gauntlet, forty yard dash, and jousting.

The senior-led gauntlet was hectic, chaotic, and completely unorganized. However, “The seniors looked like they were having a blast; I can’t wait until I can do that next year,” said junior Jack Sutton.

Jyair Thomas won the forty-yard dash with ease. Through every round, he would have a shaky start but always ended up winning by more than one step. Football Coach Ritchie Schell said, “I wish he ran that fast on the field,” in a very humorous manner.

The day as a whole brought the community closer. Different kids throughout different grades got to interact with each other, whereas in a typical school day, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to interact with one another. “The effort put in beforehand was well worth the outcome of the day,” said Kagen.

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