Badminton Takes Boys’ Latin by Storm



The badminton team after winning their first match. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Reid.


The Boys’ Latin badminton squad has proved it is just as popular as any other Boys’ Latin spring sport.

Boys’ Latin has many enticing spring sports options for their students to choose from, whether it be the nationally recognized lacrosse program, back-to-back baseball championship team, or the up and coming tennis squad. Most of the Boys’ Latin students have great athletic experiences in the spring. However, not all students find themselves wanting to take part in one of these teams but still would like an athletic team experience.

The Boys’ Latin badminton squad provides a solution to this. The team is a very talented bunch with a lot of veteran leadership. While the team is filled with all-star talents like Josh Blibaum and Danny Norman, all students are encouraged to join even if they have no background in the sport.

Even though all students are encouraged to join the team, before this year, many students were unaware of Boys’ Latin’s badminton squad.  The team only had about 15 players. However, this all changed after Hunter Isaac’s senior speech.

Isaac wrote his senior speech on his love for the sport of badminton and how he and his family have adopted the sport. Isaac’s speech had a comedic and sarcastic tone which helped him keep the attention of the majority of the audience.

The student body showed how much they loved Isaac’s speech by rushing to sign up for the team.  “Coach Reid told me the day after my speech that about 20 new kids had signed up for the team,” said captain Isaac.

Every student who has joined the badminton team this year has had a positive experience.  First-year player and captain Ethan McCann called badminton a “very fun experience” and he “wished he had joined the team sooner.”

There is no current MIAA men’s badminton league; the team has to play in the women’s league, the IAAM.

While the team claims they had been dominant in the imaginary MIAA league in previous years, this year’s badminton squad has struggled in the early going of the season as they have started out 0-3. “I know a lot of the younger kids really look up to me as a senior captain; if I’m winning and doing the right things, I know they will follow.  We have a talented group of kids this year and I have full confidence that we will be able to turn it around,” said Blibaum.

Boys’ Latin looks to turn their season around during their next match April 19th at Friends.

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